Finnish tourist girls get fucked by Greek in the middle of the street

Finnish tourist girls get fucked by Greek in the middle of the street

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Nice link faggot.

404 Not Found

Post a proper link

Sorry about it I didn't save it
Basically it a few month old
The girl is on a car
Greek man goes "Where do you want it"
Finn girl go "Inside me"
Greek go "No"


>I didn't save it

sorry about it i didnt know it would get destroyed when mod delete it ( porn is not allowed ) i have posted here before videos from threads i make and then delete so i thought it would be fine but it wasnt

the coomer gets mad at the finish cuck for not providing him with dopamine

One fucking job you stupid fucking retard nigger shit

I've been looking for the video for ages. Can you at least describe it?

>posting a link that doesnt work

this should trigger your finnish autism to the point where you will spend 3 hours providing it to us

i just saw it randomly in a thread of a femanon who posted her tits-
i describe it here after this she suck his dick which was boring for me so i tried to skip it to something where she speak like where they say that he has a great cock, but i didnt find the part
it was a bit over 2 minutes

i have work

I can still see the video in firefox

Do you want me to download it and post again?

yes sir

Where can I post it?

Are you proud of this? Your women whoring themselves to brown people? I bet you get a kick out of it.

>superior humans


i dont know, i always upload video with audio to ylilauta and then link it here,
Maybe you can make webm and then post on /gif/

shut the FUCK up I coom to whatever I want, I don't care if some of our sluts get fucked by hairy greek apes

Uh huh.

link is dead dude. got a screencap?

Yes i need to coooooom to interracial porn

I dont know what your problem is
I didnt even save it it is not my thing. I originally wanted to post in /hellas/ for my greek bros but there is no edition so i made a thread



This is it!
Everyone ! It is here the video!

well that's just garbage, you can't see shit

thanks anyway for providing user

cant coom to this

what a terrible video goodnight

Is that a turk?

This is what OP posted.

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well at least the sound is nice

its just a greek



what's the difference?

by the way in the Finnish bit it is because there's 2 girls the other girl says to the girl sucking dick that
"Sussu I want to fuck him too he has a damn good dick"

its less cucked to get fucked by greek, because they are not muslim

But why does this warrant a thread

Such a shitty ass video OP, you should be ashamed for making this thread

i just saw it for the first time, finnish posters on ylilauta always made a big deal about it and memed it and sent the video to the girl's family so i wanted to show it to greek bros on Jow Forums but there was no edition of /hellas/ so i made a new thread


What if it is a greek muslim?

how can i get a finn gf to have awkward dark alley sex with

what the fuck you're even saying you fucking retard

go back to yli fucking underage zoomer

quintessentially finnish thread

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>sent the video to the girl's family
How did they identify the girl? Nice digits btw

How did they find out who the girl is? The video isn't clear

what is this virus

you have a pic of the girl?

>what is this virus

Of course by the way she moans. You underestimate Finnish chanship.

here the girls by the way

i was disappointed by it as well , we cant even see anything

its true

its probably not

try to meet a finnish tourist

they say a name "sussu" so of course a few thousand finns can figure out the identity of the girls

horrible finnish website

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You’re cucks. You don’t honestly feel ashamed? LMAO

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No i dont feel ashamed
I am not the girl who asked for greek cum inside her
Why I be ashamed?

But I just reposted what nobody could see :(

Very slaggy


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finns look like that?

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Doesn’t matter if you’re not the girl. Most Finnish girls are like this and won’t hesitate gagging on foreign cock! LMAO!!! Cuck

for a slut, she's top tier.

you expected something else?

not really but these 2 are finns. the other one with brown eyes doesn't really look finnish at all to me and the one with blue eyes looks like a fennoswede , but i dont know anything about them except that they're finnish

so what
i am a boy
why would i be ashamed if someone else gags on foreign cock

yeah whatever keep projecting

Whores be whoring around. Why the fuck would i be ashamed if some girl with my nationality goes around spreading her legs. They got doxxed and ridiculed by everyone anyway. Besides, their parents are probably proud.

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>blue eyes looks like a fennoswede
are you kdding me jarmo

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Hyvää työtä nyt se spämmii sitä kaikkialle

Isn't this the swedish guy?


>it took less than a minute for a swede to detect the word "swede"

he doesn't look swedish at all but do swedes lurk in these threads and ctrl + f "swede" all the time?

how did ppl doxx her?

dont you agree ?
i dont think she looks finnish, i think she's prettier than finns . that's why i think swedish

Is this guy in pic the retard or I am the retard?

yes, i search on desustorage for swede

Found their instagrams

i hope you use this as arsenal against finnish poster,s i hope you call them cucks.
i hate finnish people because they ruined my life. i dont want them on my board Jow Forums

good thread

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thank you

OP is the worst possible Finnish posters imaginable.

>lurks ylilauta
>is underage
>doesn't provide
>when someone else provides for him, it turns out to be garbage
>reddit spaces
>horrible english due to being 15 years old

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you are the worst posters
>doesn't know what reddit spacing is

Oh and apparently on top of that he's not even Finnish judging by

yes i am finnish

Then move the fuck away from here as soon as you turn 18

Why ? I am 20 years old


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If it makes you feel better.

Mediterreanean dudes were doing this near daily back in Roman times when they raided northern Europe for slaves.

Its a cycle you see.

>link broken

I can't fap to this.

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read the thread you gyppo

Don't worry, it was nothing.

you really need to stop projecting and being insecure

here my good friend

Wtf I don't even...

We call these guys "mpampis", kinda like a chad, but low class/redneck.

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Omg she's young. I was afraid she might be some depraved middle aged roastie. Thanks for the cuck video bro.

you are welcome bro

Kill yourself.