Tfw no illegal immigrant bf who will violate me the way he violates my countries borders

>tfw no illegal immigrant bf who will violate me the way he violates my countries borders

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ew, it's called struggle snuggles you weirdo.

> tfw no nuke to bomb your hometown

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tfw unironically let a spic fuck my white ass

You need to calm doen

I'm fat tho. I'll crush your bones or something sitting me on you before even punching you.

Are u 5'8 or less and with femenine body?

I'm sure there's plenty of Mexicans in USA that could do it with u crossdressing.

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What was it like?

Not in my Canada, infidel

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> I'm fat tho. I'll crush your bones or something sitting me on you before even punching you.

How fat? I’m sure your face is still cute!

5'10 and he was about the same size and my body is pretty twink and very hairless
He hopped in the passengers seat of my car at like 11 at night. He was average build, 18, and had curly dark hair. We made out for 30 seconds then he slowly pushed my head to his rock hard uncut dick and I sucked him for like a minute or so then he laid on top of my and fucked me for a few minutes and it was super hot because he wrapped his legs around mine and his arms around my chest.
Then he said he was getting close to cumming and I asked him if he would let me blow him so I could swallow. And so I did. And he talked dirty a bit to me the whole time. Then he left.

How big has his benis how brown was it and him? Did he talk dirty in Spanish and call you a gringo faggot?

I'm not fat as an amerishart if u ask. My body is not designated to be skinny tho.

>mis cachetes son grandes y este cabrón dice que mi cara es linda
My face is pretty ugly.


You need to have a bit more self esteem

Certainly I wish I have. Everything would be different, I guess.

No he was a chi that probably didn't even speak spanish. His English was unaccented. His cock was fucking amazing. It wasn't too big to where I couldn't take it but it was big enough to be fun and was thick. He was just average mestizo brown I guess. Not that dark. God I'd love to tongue bathe his dick and nuts all the time. Also he was very hairless. He shaved well but I couldn't grow any hair on his thighs and tummy.
Now I work at a place with lots of teen spic boys (and girls) and my lust grows.

Nice digits


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What where his balls like? Big round and brown? What sort of dirty talk did you do?

Yeah me too life is fucking hard man

>not keeping an illegal immigrant as your slave and fucktoy
This is why your country is cucked. Imagine having someone literally bowing for your help and protection, begging for food and shelter and willing to do ANYTHING for them. Imagine keeping them in a small room, making them do whatever the fuck you want to while toying with their body, feeding them food that you knowwould make their body softer and more feminine. Now imagine doing that with multiple people.
You fags lack ambition

This is not hot

Idk they were normal sized. His scrotum was very well shaved which I love. I didn't do any. He would so things like "how bad you want that cum?" or "you like that?" while fucking me or me sucking him.
It's suck SHIT now because I have a bf so I can't go and do this shit anymore but I want to so bad. I nearly did more with a super cute white twink puppy boy too 2 months back but I ditched him to get my bf and now I'm regretting it because he was honestly hotter and younger too and was more fun to hangout with. Now I just lust for cock all day.

How do you know tha you want cock ?
Does your ass hurt ?

>tfw large benis but extreme manlet
What did god mean by this

You must fuck tall boys

I fucking hate the samefag itt

Are u OP?

Never knew about a gaye boi with no self esteem. Kinda weird.

Good luck I'll be never femenine, I like femenine bodies (independently of genre) but no being femenine, I'm pretty big/tough/rough tho, so I couldn't be even if I liked be it.

Everything else sounds pretty good desu. Like, I'm jailing myself rn and having everything free, dude.

Me personally, the asshole will throbbing or spasming the whole day, begging for cock...

Is not about being hot, is about being effective.

Hot , is it hard finding gay sex in Malaysia ?

>Never knew about a gaye boi with no self esteem. Kinda weird.

I am op and lots of gays hate themselves like me


You just lust for it. The warmth. The girth. The salty thick cum to swallow. The complete submission. It doesn't hurt. Just get a feeling of fullness.

In Mexico is opposite way, mostly gays have so big ego and self love that is cringy.

At least gaye Bois here are better I might say.

>like me
Don't. Pls.

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>Don't. Pls.

Ah thanks I will try

Medium-hard. Most locals are not really my type, so I'll just handjob them. My ass friend is always my own plastic toy... Because I still can't find a guy that I'll lose the ass viginity (with actual penis) with.


Ok I won’t

Thank you good night user

Also have you been drinking its not good for you


And I haven't drink to much. I'm not drunk, just sleepy.

That’s good

Tomorrow is another day

I want to fuck a brown twink

Praise NTR

Good night. I'll stay in /cum/ a while more and then sleep.

Luv urself user, I'm here for u if u need.

No praise cute boys

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