What do you want your bf/gf to look like

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Big butt
Curly hair

beggars cant be choosers

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I hate having sex with girls like her
They can't put their legs over my shoulders, they can't take thicc dicc, no tits, no ass, their pussies are always cold, etc. etc.

>mfw these bitches only want me for a green card and not myself

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I want a cute country girl with very little expectations

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>cute girl
>very little expectations
pick one

I am a guy and want my bf to be Big, strong, pale white with blue eyes and with lots of bodyhair

I want my bf to look something like this

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Gib hapa

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have sek

tight pussy

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How can pussies be cold?
They are always warm even in winter.

But with blue eyes

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the bf

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the gf

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So young David Gandy I see

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