What do you think about chinese philosophy?

What do you think about chinese philosophy?

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Good , I think confusion was a good man

From the liveleak videos I gather they seem to follow Stoicism

I’m sure it’s deep h shit and analogous but do I really give a fuck? Spooks study it to gain insight into chino mind.


I dont know much about it. Seems confusing.

chinese philosophy can be mainly divided into three

daoism - focuses on the mean
confucianism - focuses on order - man inherently good
legalism - focuses on rules - man is inherently evil or chaotic

A TAO that can be expressed in words is not a true Tao.
A name that can be called is not a true name.

Taoism is a religion, part of which is the doctrine of Chi(Qi) energy pervading the universe, it is a special metaphysical substance that underlies the universe. i energy has become one of the prototypes of power in the Star Wars. Qui Gon Jinn is a Jedi who dives in secrets of The Power deeply. The Qui-Gon Jinn became a heretic among the Jedi, he rejected the doctrine of The Power as light and began to profess the doctrine of The Power as life. This allowed him to create a technique for maintaining consciousness after physical death.

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Names were made to be called

dao is a lot of things
there is the philosophy dao and there is the spirituality of dao
the spirituality of dao had to encapsulate older shamanistic rituals in order for daoism to be sanctified for official state purposes so the spiritual side of dao contains mythological elements as well

why is this board so obsessed with chinks?

Watching the full splendor of the early sunrise, how can you simply reduce it to "sunrise"?

No matter how much words you add , you are the only one who observed what you are talking about

the experience is universal, the name cannot capture it's fullness

>the experience is universal
I disagree , we might be standing in the same place seeing the same sun rise , but each one of us had a different experience
>the name cannot capture its fullness
I agree , but this wasn't the argument , it was about calling not summing

It sucks. It made my country degenerated and keep being Chinese vassal state throughout history.

there is something universal, otherwise there is no way to agree on it

being a tribute state is really a choice of the tributary, in practical terms it was just a trade agreement, china had to give stuff as well when a mission arrived and they never said tributaries cannot trade with anyone else, china didn't even bother with korean internal politics anyway

don't blame china for being lazy

Shitty communist fuckers.

i don't think anything positive about anything labelled 'chinese'

>be american cum slave
>still can't come up with korean philosophy

early confucianism is cool and was pretty freedom heavy before it was mangled into what it became
some daoism is cool but too deterministic from what I remember and not quite as free as early confucianism
some mohism is cool also but don't know/remember too much of it
legalism is just garbage and retarded

>philosophy is still relevant in real life
Sucking American dick is not really bad, though

I want to get into it Lao Tzu seems based


Mongoloids live like ant colonies do.

Laozi is the wisest, most based motherfucker to (possibly ficticiously) walk the earth. On his way out of town, he rushed to write some poetry for a colleague. This ended up being one of the most important, solid grasps of the metaphysical absurd for thousands of years, as well as being one of the best philosophies for succeeding in hostile political situations. To this day, brainlets seethe at their inability to grasp it's poetic simplicity.

Laozi was so based that it's written he bitched the fuck out of confucious for being a fake ass bitch without letting him get a word in edge wise. Confucious returns to his students and says "that man is a god damn galaxy brain eldritch abomination beyond my comprehension"

Buddhists like to pretend Laozi left China to become the buddha, but the truth is Laozi would have bitched the fuck out of the buddha too.

The three vinegar tasters says everything you need to know.
>Buddha: bitter face
>Confucious: sour face
>Laozi: satisfied face

Laozi is the literal embodiment of sage wisdom. He is the personified Ancient Chinese Secret. Nobody can even fucking compare.

This is soccer mom Buddhism-tier knowledge

When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.

Hipsters love Daoism, but Confucianism has the richest and most fascinating tradition in Chinese philosophy. It's pretty hard to wrap your head around as an outsider to to the language differences

Neo-confucianism is based though

Mencius and Neo-Confucianism was a mistake
t. Xunzi

Not really philosophy and dogmatic as fuck

Based and 大学pilled

neo-confucianism itself wasn't
the reactionary conservatism that followed was

t. Tony Chung

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Not that, I was talking about human nature bro

recent excavations about who said what about xing doesn't count as a "mistake" of "neo-confucianism"

Dude just chill, I was just shitposting from Xunzi's point of view

Interesting, but I prefer Western philosophy

confucianism: based but bluepilled
taoism: cringe but redpilled
buddhism: cringe and bluepilled
legalism: based and redpilled


go back to India enlightened popoo


t. Wu Zetranny

the journey to the west was actually a daoist-Buddhist syncretism

*burns your book*

now what faggot

it is not the most famous book so i am not surprised

t. Han Yu, Confucian ancestor of all incels

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We want to learn as much as possible about the new super power. And in contrast to the last, it also has culture.

LoL! China will collapse just like USSR did. It had potential but all was ruined in XX century. Just compare before...

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No, China is not ussr

And after.

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>chinese philosophy
non-European philosophy does not exist

Chinese philosophy is great for administration and building a state but it lacks the compassion almost every other large-scale philosophy has which has had a negative impact on Chinese society as a whole before and today.

Prove me wrong.

I've recently bought the Tao Te Ching, the Chuang Tzu and the I Ching and I've been enjoying them a lot.
I don't know if I'll ever fully be a Taoist though

Legalisim is the best one.

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Look who's talking

I very much like what little I understand of it
But much like the philosophies of the west, I'm not sure it does a great job of marketing itself to it's intended audience
Speaking of intended audiences, how many Russians know Star Wars, much less Phantom Menace?


>I'm not sure it does a great job of marketing itself to it's intended audience
Which audience?

Qin Shi Huang revival when?

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What happens if insectoids scribble down their thoughts.
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>yeah why not?

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