For all you CS anons in college, I feel like god has forsaken us in terms of dating

For all you CS anons in college, I feel like god has forsaken us in terms of dating
>classes are filled with 75% chinese
>some qts but alas they're already with their much uglier male counterpart
>rest are proto-zucks

what do?

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>what do?
Kill yourself.

just date the zucks

Meet girls in other faculties

I'm a senior. That time has long gone.

Atleast you made it to last year. So many people drop out of CS programs

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Because CS jobs are getting automated in 10 years.

>we're reaching the singularity in a mere 10 years

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You're almost guaranteed to be a sperg who'll stay a virgin regardless.
Or you could just take an elective. Take something fun. Social sciences and humanities (except Philosophy) are full of girls.

>muh singularity
Most of the low-tier to mid-tier jobs in CS are getting automated. That’s a proven fact that even CS fags admit. The problem is that all CS fags think theyre the Messi/Ronaldo of CS and think they’re going to make it doing extremely complex jobs that only the best of the best will do, usually not them.

This pattern is not unique to CS. What we've been seeing in many industries is a process where solid mid-skill labour jobs are reduced to shitty low-skill jobs and replaced with a small group of highly-lucrative jobs filled by a super-ordinate working class. For example, a mortgage loan officer used to be a white collar, mid-skill job. Now the job consists of being a glorified human interface between the customer and the machines, with a few people doing all the fancy finance stuff working themselves to the bone and getting paid a tonne of money to do so.

good luck having no job when you graduate

Is there anything that guarantees a job when you graduate?

>Social sciences and humanities (except Philosophy)
Color me surprised that the one non-babby-tier field in that category is also the one exception to the "full of girls" rule.

yes, nursing

Engineering. Of course you gotta have connections like with every job

Wrong, in Canada at least lots of engineers nowadays struggle with finding a job, especially if you're in something like mining engineering, civil engineeringm, or something too niche like photonics engineering.

Sure but CS is a useless degree unless you’re extremely well at it. And the effects of automation will hit CS job prospectors hardest imo

I don't think that's it. I'm in PoliSci and I've taken many Political Philosophy classes. There are plenty of girls in those courses. They're not mandatory so girls could easily avoid them if they weren't interested.

If you have an Canadian engineering degree then move to the US.

That could well just be because they don't know what political philosophy is; just like how chemical engineering gets a disproportionate number of female applicants who are simply clueless about what chemical engineering is and who simply assume that it's like their high school chemistry classes but with good job prospects.

The name is pretty clear. Plus we do have a compulsory intro course where they force everyone to read Plato, Hobbes, etc. they know what they're getting into.

For all the money they have, the US is practically a 3rd world shithole though. The maymays about creaturas, goblinos, 56%, shart in mart, muh gunz, circumcision-induced violent psychopathy, etc. are surprisingly true in my experience. Even if you live in some cookie-cutter (i.e. suicide-inducing) rich suburb, it's unnerving to know that hordes of literal violent subhumans are a mere 2-3 miles away from you at any given moment. Despite being poorer, Canada at least maintains some semblance of sanity (for the time being).

>The name is pretty clear.
The same could be said about "chemical engineering".

What sanity? Mental health is a HUGE problem every where in Canada. Maybe it’s the weather but loads of people are just ready for someone to make their day and explode. Also Canada is filled with subhumans. What’s more, zoomers here are exceedingly fucking dumb.

You wont have much time for dating fren.
Maybe find a Brad friend to help you get laid on the weekend

Try engineering of any kind and replace Chinese with Indians.

Thing is, the intellectuals of Jow Forums told me you meet the friends you make for life in university. Mine are all Pakistanis.
Where exactly are you supposed to meet girls if not in your course? I signed up for a society (Political and Sports) but they're all male dominated as well.
Women DO NOT exist.

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You're utterly delusional if you think mental health, subhumans and dumb zoomers aren't more of a problem in the United fucking States, of all possible countries.

I live in a rich white gentrified suburb and it's basically just lazy white bitch housewives while the husband commutes 2 hours a day to the city making six figures. I worked at the grocery store and so many of these fat white cunt housewives would come in the middle of the day because they're jobless leeches, used 50 coupons, then scream and spit at my face when one coupon didnt work. Made me despise white Americans, they're all mentally ill and violent. The Asians, Blacks, and Hispanic customers never gave me a problem.

>the intellectuals of Jow Forums told me you meet the friends you make for life in university
Why would you take advice on how to make friends and get gfs from the foreveralone faggots on this website?

>majored in Romanian and English
>surrounded by women
>barely interacted with any of them, still a KHHV sperg after 3 years

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They're the only friends I've ever had

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I feel you. I started off in CS, but I switched to PoliSci after my first year so I bear life long enough to graduate. Plenty of girls, many cute ones too. One that suits my tastes to an astonishing degree. I'm a HKHV after 3 years as well.

Well, at least the programme is very interesting.

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Literally any social science course like psychology / sociology is full of women.

you don't want to be within 30 feet of those women
obnoxious cunts

I honestly hope you get gunned down by some random autist, you fucking disgusting piece of shit normalfag.
Fuck off.

What is sociology anyway? It feels like political science's and psychology's younger sister.

your fault for studying a nerdy degree

My CS courss were full of all the neckbeard types that you only see in memes, obese guys with anime shirts, etc. One of the professors looked exactly like the virgin from the virgin vs Chad meme. I switched my major to Business Administration and it's the complete opposite, rich Chad/Stacy types that party a lot and their parents have connections and will end up in prestigious finance/HR positions when they graduate. It's ironic that while you bust your ass studying CS, Stacy barely studies, sucks dicks every week, and ends up working in HR and gets to choose if you even get the job or fire you.

You should have been a chad like me and sat alone at lunch for the first week of high school until the group of Asian girls who took your train took pity on you and let you be their friend

>Asian girls
no me gusta

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It's the natural order

Not poos; in US English Asian means Chinese or one of their copycat countries

this is a meme right bros? i'm disabled and cs seemed like my best chance for a desk job

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Seek help

yeah I know
Is it that incredulous a white guy doesn't like them? lmao

I find Indians prettier than Chinese tbqh.

Whites = Arabs = Latinas (excluding pure indios) > Indians > Chinese > Black

This is objectively true.

Yes, though don't expect anything too fancy.

i hate stem geeks

it's somewhat of a a meme i guess, just make a friends with a few people a year above you so you have your foot in the door somewhere

They were the only people who were ever nice to me so I do find it weird, yes. Even helped me make some other friends later on. Really the only good time of my life

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I’m in business admin. I guess your schools have less requirements since you have to bust your ass here with bullshit group projects and other such nonsense. Most bus admin people quit just the same as CS.

What concentration are you doing friend? Im leaning towards International Business