Nintendo 130 years anniversary

9/23 is Nintendo's birthday.

say something nice to them.
(stop soyboy pic posting)

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switch is pretty cool but the only game i enjoy is fire emblem everything else is pretty boring

pk fire bumping

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bing bing wahoo

I hate nintendrones so fucking much.

Fuck nintendies
go get a pc game


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what's your favorite nintendo vidya?

me:zelda series

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I have many, many treasured memories playing their bing bing wahoos with friends and alone when I was younger.

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Same also this image is pretty nice

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Greedy yellow niggers who sell overpriced 90s tech in 2019

It amazes me how imbeciles are still buying their shitty games for their shitty consoles. It seems that nostalgic manchildren bring more money then diamonds or oil

Go play some Counter Strike Ivan. BotW on its own is worth buying a Switch, especially if you hack it and get all the homebrew. It's like pre 2010 with the Wii and DS again, I love it.

PlayStation made by Japan

I played it on wii u emulator. Didn't like it, honestly

>defending a multibillion company that pulls a $80 price tag for a 2d platformer game
>defending a multibillion company that pays its own japanese employees less than a 9-5 clerk can earn in two weeks
>defending a multibillion company that do not adjusts regional prices and then wonders why they don't buy their "games"
>Go play some Counter Strike
I sure will, since CS 1.6 looks better than Zelda or what the fuck is their game called

>paying for games
You can easily hack consoles and pirate any nintendo shit easily. I also buy my hardware used, mostly stolen or at from junkies, who need money at the end of the month. I have like 6 Wiis and 10 DS, each one costing as little as 10€

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Are nintendo consoles really that easy to hack? Maybe I should give it a try.

>put files on sd card
>put sd card in console
>press 1 button
Wii and DS are most pirated consoles of all time. And where you live you can get retro Dendy knockoffs for like 5€, no? My friend from Dagestan has them.

Thanks for creating this adorable character

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Thanks, I will try it
>And where you live you can get retro Dendy knockoffs for like 5€, no?
I'd rather play it in browser with a controller

Congratulations on getting millions of people to buy a 10 hours long game that looks like an indie game for a full price.

All that begging for a Persona game port and nintoddlers only got a crappy musou game that will be also on Play Station

>metacritic 99.7
>metacritic 98.9
>metacritic 97.4

you are welcome.

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>Xbox Skeleton

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Cool pic. I reverse searched it for a bigger version.

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Zelda It's the only Nintendo game series I like.
But I also enjoyed Advance Wars.