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freud would have a fucking field day with this post

early multi link CUNT

i remembered my pin number
or more accurately, my fingers remembered them
i just pressed the first number (which i knew) and my fingers knew where to go
it was like i used the force


Kramer would be a whole foot taller than jerry if he had better posture

dogshit yank edition

Jonathan Bowden died before all of that as well, he would have fucking loved everything that kicked off in 2016

Dogshit yank edition

What’s the edition meant to be then yank? WHAT’S THE EDITION MEANT TO BE

not a fan of those baps

Pussy braps are fine. It's fanny braps that are the worst.

Fair enough, like I said it was the dirty talk/accent that really did it for me


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they all had to wait for him to die before being so weird or hitch would've fucking destroyed them
and not like how shapiro DESTROYS liberal snowflake
but in a way that they'd have no choice but to stop being weird

i said baps you sped

Imagine where we’d be without muscle memory

can't wait for the cold

anyone remember about 2 years ago where /brit/ raided /soc/'s chubby women thread bullying all the horny degenerate posts and fat girls that posted there

was hilarious
quite possibly the best night of the past 2 years for me
how sad


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Parramatta, the jewel in Sydney’s crown

Nearly at Sydney lads.

bigger brains would win out and we'd be better off as a society

don't believe in tides simple as

the last thread didn't even hacve 280 posts
absolute fucking twat
and don't take that as affectionate banter like we do here sometimes i genuinely mean it
you're like someone who litters

Big fan of when /brit/ does proper lad stuff
The incursion into /cum/ the other week was pretty good

what the sea?

this is a 'bane general

Yanks talk like NPCs

remember when /shit/ tried to pretend they came up with kevposting or norfposting because they're tumblr refugees only less creative?

spent most of the day browsing r/hentaibeast
will be reading the works of pushkin tonight
love being a neet

also /cgl/


That Mooney Mooney bridge lads.

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Have fun in the shire Lachlad

you're a big guy

would bet that are tristan doesnt believe in them either

explain his fod then

Big fan of that bridge, fun to drive on going full pelt

is there anything more based than pistachio nuts

Can't stop wanking to 2005 Australian big brother
People just didn't have a sense of modesty like today. Birds probably wear more slutty stuff but in terms of actually being naked.

huh...i don't seem to know what either of those things are

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marxism is pretty based ngl


conquering France

lol how is that relevant

I'm a cashews man

Yeah that would be pretty based

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state of west coast niggas

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think about it

uh huh

Having a hard time dealing with how long ago 2005 actually was
It’s like as far away as 1986 was from 2000 but it doesn’t feel like it

underage b&

going to a CV advice seminar with the department of defence at university on monday, do I wear a suit or what? dont want to be the odd mong out

im trying

Some of the issues it points out with capitalism are pretty prescient but their solutions to it are shite

Button up shirt tucked in you’ll be right

why is india so progressive?

Fucked a prostitute once just to say I did it. It was ok, I didn't orgasm because I was on a lot of lexapro at the time. Feels way more awkward than you'd think

read das capital

my morality comes more from Caesar than it does from Christ so i guess im a pagan

Didn’t ask

Yeah it is pretty weird. Just how different everything is but I remember being there with big brother in the background and shit still felt normal

never owned a suit me
just never needed one simple as

hinduism loves third gender bullshit so they allow it in law
they get bullied by Indians though

"r-read das capital", said the spotty transgender teenager living near Seattle

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based, fucking BASED!
knew some hardcore mfers were in this gen

special education aka retard

I’ve got three

opt in what?
mandatory what?
fucking autistic
genuinely wonder if there's something in the water or the vaccines or something
>mandatory for some born intersex
>what is?

told my mate about the lore of the Fallout games and the different factions and he found it all interesting so he's gonna get one of them now

hes not wrong though

ive owned two for both of my siblings weddings

Honestly for the time Marx was pretty right. Capitalism was just exploiting the working class who lived in their own shit working 12 hours a day.
Kind of pushing it now after they realised they make so much money it's not even funny if there's a huge ever consuming well paid middle class.
Where it's an oppressive evil system which keep you well fed and entertained with the best material quality of life in human history in a devious attempt to stop you rebelling

I thought people called them chebs in this gen
>special education
the acronym in the states is secep but til what a sped is.

You know penises shrink as you age. You can lose something like an inch and a half from fatty buildup in the blood chambers of your cock.



Too fat for my formal suit so only wore it once :\

alright depression is a disease

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saw a proper fat cunt today
mental how they get so big

get a load of this retard

diametrically opposed ideologies are not the same
nor are the methods by which they're supported ie. violence and smearing vs reasoned discussion


Sounds like you’re quite the old lad or both your siblings got married young

good work
hope he enjoys it as much as i did

women of all ages have such stupid political beliefs
boomer-tier in retardation

you looked in a mirror

You looked in the mirror

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when theres a sale on watermelon

go on then what was the image about?
you know instead of just shitting out insults you could use your time productively and explain it
but no, that would be reasonable and decent

i'm surrounded by fucking animals and retarded babies

dingo stole my baby

hey not all rorkes are violent lad thats a bit presumptuous