North America best America

North America best America.
I really wish we got along better with our North American brothers in Canada and Mexico.

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Shut up

Don't complain you get to be the second best America.

There's no other America besides North and South anyway, central America is just a bad meme.

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Oh fuck he figured out the ruse!
Time to pack it up.

I wish not. Kill amerimongrels.


Don't worry user, I want to strengthen the ties with you and leafbros, too.

>Calls Americans mongrels
>Is mestizo, which literally means mixed

I love Mexico. Its very existence baffles me

can't wait to be invaded by the USA, i will be waiting for the marines in the mountains of central Mexico, i will gladly take your 5x56x45 OTAN bullet to my head :' ) god bless America.

I'm not a mutt. Although I hate the mutts in my country, I admit they're more pure than all Americans.

>My favorite north american country ? The gorgeous land of Canada of course !

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Sounds like you're just a good old fashioned asshole.

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Where did you find this image?

old posts of / int /

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I find it hard to believe you can be mexican and not a mutt, literally a new race was born in mexico/south america due to race mixing, its fucking horrible.

most mexicans are just hapas, nothing wromg with that. The problem is when you are triracial macaco

mexico is great when its tequila and limes and not guns and drugs. Usa is great outside the cities.

Basically all of the Americas that are farthest from the equator are good (Southern cone, US+Canada)

Thank you