You enter your room only to find two barefoot Asian women on your bed...

You enter your room only to find two barefoot Asian women on your bed, coquettishly presenting their soles to you without any shame.

How would you react?

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lie down on top of them and go to sleep crushing them to death under the huge mass that makes up my body

No thank you

I will worship all soles that dare present themselves at me.

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Shelton Benjaminetty

Wow be careful
Ok based
One has natural nails, one has painted nails.
Would you prefer to succ one over the other?

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I'd get startled but then converse with them. I don't think they'd attempt to harm me although that would be a clever way to do me in.

Natural > painted

Footfags are just as subhuman as furfags.
Get out.

>presenting their soles to you without any shame.
not even a footfag but I wish my gf would be like this. 5 years together and she is still apprehensive about showing her body

Why does female beauty scare you so much?

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Aussies are prison gay

Foot fetish need to die in fire
u all will burn in hell

Yes, but we will happy in hell
Can you say the same?

jump into be lupin style putting my mouth and dick all over their feet

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put socks on their feet, it's cold on the floor this time of year


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do you know source photo set where this is from?
just some guy holding some lewd feet in his hands

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I'm not a footfag but I don't have anything against you guys. Can I get a quick rundown on how the foot fetish works? And what are the traits of good feet?

I do not!
The first time I encountered this image it was a Canadian posting it.
But here’s something similar 4 u

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>how does it work
You cant just explain fetishes
>what makes a good foot
It depends on personal taste
I like smooth feet with minimal blemishes

at least a bit of arch
proportional toe size to sole
good shaped and sized toenails
clean and well taken care of feet

jizz on their soles and then lick it up while making pig noises

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Except the pig noises, which is pretty cringe

Kick them out of my home.

Im gay and even I can tell that women have cute feet
Youre making the rest of us look bad

i reach for the insect spray

they're very large insects so a flamethrower or agent orange may be a better choice

I call GI Joe to spray them with M16s

You gay? Why would you kick this out.

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Why would someone present feet in shame? No one else would think of this but a foot fag

i would get weirded out, how did they get here? then kinda afraid, perhaps it was my parents that alloewed them to get in my room? anyway if there was sowe reason for them to be there i would just share the space anh maybe chat with them, learn about their culture and shit. ofc they would want to fuck me since im white but i would probably leave it aside for just some light carinho.
Am i A normie yet?

I call the police. Why are there chinks in my house?

I love feet

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Imagine being that fish

I was the one who posted it. I found it on freeflk but the site seems to be down (not sure if it's permanently gone). No idea where to find the rest of the set, if it exists. I can't find any matches when I do a reverse image search, either.

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Based Canuck

>tfw there will probably be a ton of Chinese qts on Hellotalk wanting to "practice English" during Golden Week