Capitalism sucks

capitalism sucks.

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explain to me why capitalism is good without using consumption and materialism of cheap plastic garbage and cheap entertainment.

competition between companies creates innovation, state ran companies only care about efficiency

efficiency to mass produce more plastic garbage so the goyim can live a wageslave life buying those plastic garbage.

Yes I also think socialism is shit.

capitalism only creates alieanation by promoting consumption and consumerism.

What's it like winning the capitalist lottery, schlomo?

Capitalism has failed the common man

state ran companies are slow and prefer the status quo, cause they're backed by the government. Look at military contractors and NASA partners to get a good idea. We get things like the f35, an extremely expensive piece of shit. And the best part is that the government has no choice but to buy it.

profit motivates the military industry to keep engaging in middle east wars in the name of profit.

Don't come here

yeah, but that's only in America.

no, wars in the middle east are happening because our currency relies on the trade of oil in USD. The whole war profiteering thing is just a side bonus of the whole ordeal.

Doesn't matter how slow something is, as long as it benefits the majority it's successful

>wars in the middle east are happening because our currency relies on the trade of oil

Maybe it was true in the XIX century when there was actual competition, but now the shareholder of one company very likely also have shares of the rival's company.
Not even speaking with the obvious corruption, where companies bribe politicians to prevent them from dying out

>the f35 benefits the majority
>the f35 was a good investment
holy kek

profit == capitalism
profit == military industry complex
profit == debt industry
profit == enviroment destruction
profit == inmigration

communism rules

Innovation occurs in tue education sector, which is publicly funded. The private sector buys patents and hires people they didn't train or educate.
Capialism doesn't require innovation, it requires persistent exploitation. Innovation is risk and risk is what the private sector avoids unless deemed necessary for profit.

>blaming military-industrial complex boondoggles on state run industries
user, i...

>state ran companies are slow and prefer the status quo,
Private companies are no different.
Why do you think the music industry all sound the same? Everyone fears innovating because the risks are way too big, and the shareholders don't really want risks.

if capitalism is so terrible then why are poorfags always so desperate to move to capitalist countries?

because capitalists profit from human trade and inmigration of poor people to stagnate wages in the first world.


Because those poorfags are migrating away from countries that capitalism ruined

Also, the fact that corporations like Google, Microsoft and Apple spend billions of dollars a year to buy patents in order to crush competition makes his comment even more detached from reality.

Because we poorfags also live in a capitalist shithole, but the contradictions here are worse, because we're not imperialists countries


in the 1970s OPEC countries embargoed the US in retaliation for it's support of Israel. The entire nation faced an oil shortage and the value of the dollar plummeted, our economy almost Argentina'd. From that point onward, our foreign policy has all been about securing the world's oil market, and most of it happens to be in the middle east. With the dollar as the world reserve currency, backed by the world's most important commodity (oil), the federal government gets AAAA rating on it's federal bonds. So basically as long as oil is pegged by the dollar and the dollar is pegged by the price of oil, the federal government can lend and spend money as much as it wants.

so basically you suck and can't do it right so you blame the tool and not the wielder?

gee i wonder who lobbies for them

There's no difference between the tool and the wielder, because capitalism isn't a object.

since when is the arms industry publicly owned?

this is not a capitalist problem, rather a trusts problem. The music industry needs some antitrust action as most of it controlled by a single entitiy

Can you see capitalist?

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most of the CEOs of those industries have served in public offices, Dick Cheney is a great example.

>military industry to keep engaging in middle east wars

Name one company with military branchies that "engages" in the east wars?
Would be cool, but Merrywheater isn't a thing yet, son.
They wars made by the soviets and the on going war waged by Russia, i know that Russia has pretty much a Capitalism system but as typically putted as a contrapoint to the U.S, are also capitalism's fault?


> as most of it controlled by a single entitiy
That's the natural development of capitalism.
Why compete and risk bankruptcy when you can join with your enemey and receive dividends for all eternity?

we have an antitrust system in place user. We tear apart monopolies or companies that have too much market share

>lawmakers being bought by corporations means we need to make corporations even more powerful

Good. Capitalism must be extremely restricted.

You're not going furtther enough though

Le "capitalism ruined LatAm" meme.
Wasn't the fuckery made by lefty ideologies fomenting corruption and try to implement a European social democrat system without having the same economical foundation.

I never said that, I think lobbying should be banned and public officials need to be screened heavily for collusion. But I do believe that progress happens the fastest through natural competition between private entities. The government does however need to intervene once competition is no longer happening and the corporation needs to be split up.

I hope everyone who wants a marxist society get their wish so I can watch them cope with how shit everything gets

>The government does however need to intervene once competition is no longer happening and the corporation needs to be split up.
that is the natural order of capitalism. the most efficient form of capitalism is a monopoly with one producer that can dictate supply and therefore price. it's economics 101.
there's no reason why the state can't completely co-opt the machinery of capitalism and render the profits unto the state. there's no reason why some random individual or group of shareholders should profit off the sale of things like utilities, or the nation's resources.

It's alright where it's at currently, but it could use some more regulation

>That's the natural development of capitalism.
Nice straw man.
No place, for the many definitions and type of capitalism, ever said something like that, just cause something can happens inside a system that it is a "natural development of it", you need a lot more foundation for a daring claim like that, so I can blankly say that the natural development of socialism is famine.