Do you love Germania, the heart of Magna Evropa?

Do you love Germania, the heart of Magna Evropa?

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You ruined Europe three times

it's alright

>loses two world wars and 40% of their territory
>still most powerful european country
How did they do it?

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France is the heart of Europe though, you're just savages and bullies

Boomer-tier comment

France died with Bourbon Dynasty
Germany died with Bismarck Dynasty

What is Portugal?

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>Bismarck dynasty

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Superior Germanic genes


>House of Bismarck
Holy fuck who edited this wiki?

I fucking hate you but i've to admit it: prussian esthetic was so glorious

>Prussian aesthetic
No such thing, you mean swedo-deutsch aesthetic

Shut the fuck up

Snowniggers stealing from others as usual.

Germans descend from snowniggers. They are our sperm

They are Nordid-Alpine-Slav mutts

I dont have much to say other than Germany seems like a really comfy place for programmers.

Their language descend from skandinavia: NORDEN

>What is Portugal?
only a side-note in world history

Swiss niggas rise up.

Nah. Fuck yuros

No, I don't like autism.

Why you scandinavian are so cringe?

So why you here?

This is not a we wuz though. If i said romans or ancient greek were nords i would be we wuzzing, but as i'm simply stating a historical fact i'm not


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I'm here to spread my message

Italians were literally Romans though, same way germans descend from snowniggerland

it was the other way round tho, you know, ice caps an shit


By being better than anyone else.

They aren't. stop this shitposting and read again your history and history of germans
It's a lost cause, do you know that?

No, Germanic developed in Scandinavia after migrations to there, before we migrated south, Germany was full of celtoids.
Look up Nordic Bronze Age.

>from Swedish flag
>on a work day
Theres almost only shitskin neets and homos on here

Its not exactly some crazy idea that you ruined Europe, Hans.Even our occupation of your continent is only the result of your nation's fuckups.

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It's my word now, it can't hurt me if i use it on myself :'(

i like tall blonde eyed boys

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I hate gays :(

you are probably a manlet shitskin living in aryan land

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Arguably Britain and France ruined Europe. France with it's fucking republicanism and liberalism and Britain with it's meddling

We would all have been better off today if the Germans and Austrians won WWI

Dude you were literaly savaged more than germans. Vikings pushed germanic populations to south but you just rob, rape, loot and destroy. Vikings dont established basically nothing in germany
The only swedish "golden age" was with swedish empire in 600s
Again: stop that, germans are a different population

I'm NÅRDIC you're just a beyata leftist
Fucking rude calling me savage. Vikings were nice and courteous people.

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They could not produce anything of their own. They could only steal and scavenge from their superiors.

Give me sources were Vikings weren't nice farmers and traders and explorers. You do know what "Viking" means right. Att gå Viking betyder att man åker och viker, alltså i en båt till havs

>Vikings were nice and courteous people
Sure, raidin' an lootin' it's the favorite things of all gentlemen over the world
Your pyres in the british coast literally create the english gentleman with monocular, tuxedo and topper

Never happened. Brits invited us for workforce

And than? How this funfic continues? They won because you were pussies like today?

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They never "won" anything, as there were nothing to win. We went there for fun, left some language roots for them, and then left

Fun fact; Germany in Finnish is "Saksa" because of the Saxons who were the first to establish relations with the Finns.

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I do, and find my countrymen's frequent hate towards you pretty idiotic. I also like France but understand a bit more the hate it gets, never got why a glorious country such as yours got so many enemies here.

Maybe because they destroyed the entire continent in the last century?

What is Sweden in finnish? + trivia


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Ruotsi because of the rowing (roda/rodare or something like that) tribe situated somewhere close to modern Stockholm.

We rebuilt it

After you bombed it

Cringe and bluepilled

Fuck germs

My ass, all you did was capitalize on the ruin of our continent while you were sitting your ass on another part of the world and join when the sovs were already rising up to get something out of it like you always do

We were supposed to kill the krauts with what? Snowballs?

You should have killed yourself honestly

We gave Fiat the machinery to start up again ungrateful wop.

Nothing more than facades for fighting commies along demochristcucks while occupying our country with military bases which guess what ARE STILL THERE

Shouldn't have chimped out and tried to conquer the world with funny mustache man huh?

Here, it was roden/rõþs;,_Sweden

Picture from finnish etymologic dictionary.

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What about Norway? Russia? Poland?

Why do so many people get triggered about Germany?

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You both suck donkey dicks

"hey guys want to invade mainland europe and kill europeans for our jewish masters?"

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Better than you, sven

Med cope.

Norja, Venäjä, Puola

Norway and Poland sound normal, but Russia must have a story behind it.

Norway is just Norja (wihch funnily enough means flexible, pliable in finnish). Same with Poland being Puola (which again could also mean spoke, spool, coil). Russia is Venäjä though, which is based off a germanic loanword *wened (Wenden, Winden) which was used to generally refer to the slavic people, or more accurately, those that lived on the southern coast of the baltic sea. Another is Estonia, which we call Viro, because of it's northeastern region, Virunmaa, which itself is based off old words meaning man (lithuania; výras, latvia; vïrs, germanic; *wiraz) which means that virunmaa literally translates to "land of men".

Abdolutely not. You are cringe.

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UGH.. what could've of been....


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Why are them so bloodthisty

Marx did absolutely nothing wrong though, this is why he was expelled from Germany.

cringe and bluepilled.

The only man I've ever loved was German, but now the country of Germany has turned its back on him. I hope one day Germany and the German peoples will return to their former glory.

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>defeated by anglo-saxons

das rite. he defeated himself with a bullet to the head

Honestly nothing triggers German butthurt like the mention of strategic bombing.

I like them but they need to admit they have had a chimpout problem since their unification.




House Bismarck still lives tho