What's your country?

What's your country?
Do you think being born there means you sort of "won" the lottery of life in terms of Jow Forums? Why are why not?

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Yes actually.
>born in a developing cunt, but also as a citizen of a first world cunt
>am citizen of a first world cunt, but don't have vanilla identity to have to defend myself from american banter
>have access to Puerto Rican citizenship that I can use to obtain a Spanish and EU citizenship by residing in Spain for two years
>if things get too bad, you can literally move into any of the previous choices, which are also first world cunts
>tfw your island is literally a bridge that connects you to two major global powers
If this was a MMO, we'd be broken.

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Botched circumcision
Genetic diseases running in the family
Hated universally and by all neighboring countries
Constant wars
Everything's as expensive as in the better European countries or more expensive but every other aspect of the country is worse

We're on the internet anyways so I gotta ask
Are Puerto Ricans touching other women's "sensitive parts" just a part of their culture?
Well, I have this client who said it is (accused of rape), terrible thing and I think it's bullshit so I sent him to another person for legal advice

is that kaguya?

Still rich safe and clean for most part despite the memes telling me not so

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lolno, the person would have to flake from half the island, and ESPECIALLY the swarm of angry women. The closest thing to it would be the perreo, which is done consensually

Well, that is true compared to this shithole. thanks for setting up the infrastructure so my SEA bretheren can use it

Yeah. The thing is, you can't lie to your own lawyer, how the fuck am I supposed to defend you if you keep lying

No, my life is legitimately unpleasant and has been since childhood

No, this country is doomed to be a fuck up always and forever thanks to the peronist mafia and the deep idiosincracy that is being an Argie. The other parties are even worse since not only are they corrupt, they are also total morons
You should maybe start a family don't you think?

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>flip flag
>attention whoring

Pretty sure that is kagura yeah

Sea will get Chinese infrastructure soon because Japan is currently suffering from everything

No the natural disasters are making me less wanting to have babies would have babies if I can move elsewhere that's actually better than Japan

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>Woe is me.

Shut up.

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>posts a picture of based "start a family" man Abe
>does not want to start a family
shamefur dispray
Jokes aside, is it true climate change had made natural disasters more frequent?

Well, I know lawyers do what they gotta do, so I gotta ask, are you going to refuse the case or are you going to pull some asspull and pretend that's totally the case? Or is it too confidential to state here?

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Kill yourself Diaspora

No, obviously. But I can see the "pros" and "cons", desu.

One interesting thing is actually seeing foreigners who in your country balancing the "pros and cons"...

>how the fuck am I supposed to defend you if you keep lying
chances are he was trying to weasel out of that deal by pulling the "it's a normal thing from where I come" card. I'd suggest you drop that guy since he sounds like bad news.

That's pretty rough but I hope you can handle it with grace. Do your best to make your own land a brighter place to be. If it's a lost cause, escape may be an option someday.

This. I would advise him to be careful since some of these guys don't take rejection too well, but it's better than making a half-assed attempt defending him.

Well memes aside, there's like 3 typhoon strike in Japan, and rain and some wind making some places have no access to water and electricity while having their entire house trashed
I really hate to say this because I'll be kim'd by some netouyo but Japan is suffering a lot and it's going to be worse if it keeps on going like this

But being born tall, rich and good looking is

refuse obviously
that guy looks screwed, if anything his best chance to avoid shit is deportation

We get 20 typhoons a year
they mostly strike us at their strongest
deal with it.

Good news is, there really weren't any strong typhoons to hit the country this year, which is nice.

> tfw it's raining too hard so you can't breed

Good, you have more integrity than some of our lawyers here.

No. I have to slave to survive like any third world country. To have been born in Sweden/Norway/Finland is to have won the lottery of life. Or being born rich but that's not country related necessarily.

Diaspora of what?

It's not about integrity, really. It's just that no lawyer wants to defend a person lying from the onset. It's practically a sure lose situation. Eventually, most often than not these people will reverse themselves in court, and humiliate you in the process.

>natural disasters are making me less wanting to have babies
That's a really poor excuse. You live in one of the safest places on Earth. Actually, isn't Tokyo literally THE safest place on Earth?

Pretty much the ideal country to be born into, in every aspect of the word.

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Scandinavia is a beautiful place, but really, I don't respect you opinions regarding Jow Forums topics at all, you were born with a silver spoon hence know nothing really


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I like my country it's fine but everyone seeths so it's funny

That's a very arrogant attitude to have. I'm sure many northerners have the same kind of attitude towards you too though, since we do have way superior education. Whatever rocks your boat, I guess.

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Well, that's just how it is.
I don't blame you, since it isn't your fault.
I still like Finland. Nice place, it's just that your "advice" for other countries, yeah, pretty much like asking Marie Antoinette how to solve poverty.

I know this finnish man who lived here, and he says his opinions widely differ now after living in this shithole for 5 years than when he was living in finland. He's a cool guy though.

Shut up, jewish man.

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Tы пидop

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What are the pros and cons in living in Brazil

Pros: soupa de maccaco
Cons: living in Brazil

it could have been much worse if my ancestor emmigrated in usa or brazil

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I mean we did rise from Russian oppression (read; russification of Finland), civil wars and conflicts in WW2, though I do understand that it's human nature to value their own subjective experience as way more valuable and meaningful than that of others. I'm pretty sure that if you sat down with a northerner you could easily find common ground, it's just that you've yet to do so, so it's easy to expect it to be unachievable.

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We have a reputation?
Also, why are Italians so racist? My cousin want to go back there despite being discriminated upon twice because "muh pilgrimage to Vatican"

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>I mean we did rise from Russian oppression (read; russification of Finland), civil wars and conflicts in WW2
You mean your ancestors did. Not you.
You were born in a place where even if you fail graciously, you would still live comfortably. You've lived in a country where you barely experienced hardship in your life, you never had a corruption problem, or a drug cartel problem, or seen how poverty looks like apart from your closed world.

In Finland, you make your own problems, rather than get them, just like Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia.

So, I don't respect your opinions. Again, I'm not saying Finland is a bad place, in fact it's probably a beautiful place

You're always the smartest person in the room.


Well yeah, but you're making a grave mistake in assessing more value to the authority that is speaking rather than listening to what they have to say. Can't blame you, thats a common trait among people who are worse off for whatever reason.

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Yeah but every time you’re ravaged by a hurricane you depend on us for aid and we vote not to give it to you lmao

I want to kill myself literally every single day

How did Finland get so good at everything? Share your secret with us please.

Eradicating corruption is a good place to start;

He's a lawyer he's not worse off relatively to others in his cunt he just likes to whine

>not corrupt


Sure, there's a difference between not corrupt and least corrupt, but we've achieved a level at which it's really not a problem.

I'm comparing Japan with other 1st world cunts so it might seem off to Brazil or flips tbqh

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kill yourself
finland is not sc*ndinavia

>Bosnia, Finland, Russia, Kosovo and fucking Sweden are the only countries on that map with a majority of people who would fight for their country
>Germany, France and Britain are all under 1/3
I'm unironically shocked by Sweden's percentage

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Yeah, can't think of a country I'd rather live in desu. Just glad my ancestors weren't failures. The boomers are trying their hardest to ruin everything though.

My point is Japan is preferable by that criteria even if you're comparing it with other 1st world countries.

Ukraine and Turkey too but those are out of view on the pic. Having an actual real world threat does wonders to national will to defend. Germany, France and UK are so deep into Europe that they don't really have any real threats, hence low willingness to defend, whereas any nation bordering Russia is much more likely to have a high percentage for obvious reasons.

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In a way I suppose considering the living standards but I'm a 25 year old virgin so loser so I don't feel lucky.

…You can't be this weeb right? What about Fukushima, M9 earthquake and tsunamis? They're still very good when compared to 1st world Europe when there's none of them happening?

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stop using faggot pic you gay.

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How many do those even kill? I don't have data for Japan, but natural disasters are a negligible cause of death worldwide and I don't think Japan is an exception. Unless you have some reason to believe they are going to become a bigger issue in the future (because of climate change for instance), leaving Japan for that reason is completely senseless. It's literally the safest place on Earth.

>It's literally the safest place on Earth.
>He doesn't know
If it's a positive and desirable thing, you'd be best off just expecting Finland to be the best at it. That way you'll be correct more often than not.

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I think it's possible that if natural disasters became a significant cause of death in Japan, you could see it reflect on these numbers due to Japan's large population.

I wouldn't be surprised if Finland were really safer, but it doesn't change the overall point.

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More than 15000 dead and contaminated land and water everywhere but nobody's saying anything because hey it's the safest country on earth lol

Here's more faghot pic for faggots like you

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Becuase it's awesome, even when it sucks there's still some kind of bright side

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I'm not gonna bother doing this myself, but I suggest summing these up and finding the yearly average, then comparing with other causes of death: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_earthquakes_in_Japan

I was walking yesterday going home with no streetlights since the power was out at 10pm. Creeps the fucked put of me. I seripusly thought someone was stalking me and about to stab me in the back