Can someone from MENA or Iran explain this meme?

Can someone from MENA or Iran explain this meme?

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Both of these brownoids got their grandmothers raped by aryans, who cares?

>/news/ instead of Jow Forums
how old is this fucking comic

but what does that even mean?

Well apparently 6 years

go outside and ask one

Their maternal ancestors got fucked by steppeniggers from the north west

Central Asia isn't north west and Aryans aka Iranians are brown, retard.

Iran means the land of Aryans. You know how Hitler stole that word and used it to describe Nordic people? Semites, especially Arabs, are trying to say that Iranians want to be Nordic, which doesn't make any sense but hey, Arabs are literally dumber than a rock so it's not a surprise.

Dumbass, no one stole anything, aryan can be attributed to all indo-niggers. Also, aryans invade from both central asia and the causcasus

Also, i never said anything about indo-niggers not being swarthoid

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>Semites, especially Arabs, are trying to say that Iranians want to be Nordic
Complete bullshit. That meme doesnt actually make sense and the whole persians wuz nordics crap is what alt-righter kept saying so a few Iranians ended up joining a few white nationalist movements

The original Aryans were Nordic they conquered and enslaved the pajeets and original Peoples of Iran and forced them to adopt the language and raped them

No it can't.

By definition it can, as long as you speak indo-nigger


Hitler stole the word and used it to describe Nordics. There was another German autist who stole the word and used it to describe Indo-Europeans.

How about you tell us why that word is so special for you? In fact, why don't you buy a plane ticket to Iran and let them fuck you with their mighty Aryan cocks? You're clearly obsessed and you will have your dreams fulfilled.

>says it's complete.bullshit
>and then agrees with me
You're really retarded.

> few Iranians ended up joining a few white nationalist movements

>that meme doesnt actually make sense
That's why I said it's retarded.

Good lord you are almost as autistic as those blacks claiming to be pharaohs.

Saying that Aryans are Indo-Europeans is the equivalent of saying Germanics are Indo-Europeans or Anglos are Indo-Europeans, cuck.

You're completely asshurt for some reason, Hitler and othe German retards used the term to describe "indo-Germanic" this was wrong, as later we found out the true term "indo-european". Aryan invasion was NOT a myth and no historians worthy of note will say so. Your sperging out about cocks and other gay shit tells me you're mindbroken. Sit down, be humble.

They descend from them, same as other indo-niggers do, they have the same claim.

I didn't agree with you retard. Semites never meme the "Iranians were Nordics bullshit" only white supremacists and delusion Iranian diaspora do this before getting laughed out of convention centers like Reza Jorjani and all those random Persians that hung around Richard Spencer

>You're completely asshurt
Ironic coming from a seething autist like yourself.

Who is "we"? You're a nobody and no is taking your conspiracy theories seriously.

You're fucking delusional. Get your plane ticket to Iran and be with your precious Aryans already. Pro tip, you won't because you'll start crying when you see how brown Aryans are.

And because i know some retards will misquote me, i never said that indo-niggers were blonde and blue eyed, they were quite swarthy. They invaded both Europe and West/south asia. All europeans except finns, basque, hungarians, estonians descend from them, as do indians and persians/iranians. They originated somewhere in central or north asia/Siberia.

Retard, i never claimed indo-niggers weren't swarthoids. Literally look at my posts, i said that pakis and iranians were swarthy, not that indo-niggers weren't.

>Semites never meme the "Iranians were Nordics bullshit
You're doing it right now and OP's shitty meme picture was made by an Arab. You can cope and backpedal as much as you want but it won't work. It is so obvious that you are a Semite.

>delusion Iranian diaspora
What is so delusional about an Iranian saying they're Aryan? See, you semites are literally that stupid. The word IRANIAN is derived from ARYAN, you fucking ape.

Reply to my post

It talks about how arrogant Persians are and how they look down on others privately.

Yes, correct.

Aryans/Iranians used to be a bit darker (basically what Pakis look like today).

No. It shows how butthurt semites are and how semites are always trying to project.

I never said they weren't Aryan. I said they weren't Nordic nor white and no i'm not a semite i'm a former Jow Forumstard who went to a few alt-right meeting and found myself surrounded by a few brown "Aryans".

As you can see op, this Iranian in Sweden is a great example of this image.

>I said they weren't Nordic nor white
There are thousands of Iranians in Sweden and I have NEVER seen them claim to be white. It is always an Arab or Jew (and sometimes a neo nazi) accusing Iranians of trying to be white because Iranians are educated, well-integrsted and they have an amazing history.

As you can see, the Arab is seething and always projecting.

t. Iranian doing taqiyya

>Yes, correct
You have literally been insulting me and calling me retarded for absolutely no reason. Fuck off, faggot.

Why are iranians so always butthurt at Arabs?

t. arab pretending to be non-arab

How does it feel to have been treated as a third class citizen by Turks and Iranians and taught how to read, write and behave like a lesser subhuman by them? Genuinely curious.

Cope harder, khomeini.

They're not, it is you Arabs who are mad at Turks and Iranians.

Why do these kind of discussions always end up in Diaspora wars? This goddamn Swedish faggot

This is the first diaspora i've seen in a long time

I'm ethnically Swedish. Post your face with a time stamp and I'll do the same.

I simply despise Semites because they're like parasites. No history, no contributions and they're always coping and being jealous of those who made civilizations. Too many times have I seen Arabs in Sweden act arrogant and said "Iranians, Turks, Serbs are trying to be Swedish because they are integrating xDDD oga boga". Fucking monkeys.

I'm not a fucking arab you delusional "Aryan". Both you, Arabs, and Turks are all pathetic pieces of shit who deserve a complete genocide. But Iranians are by far the most delusional of the 3 for thinking they're shit sand people culture amounts to anything and keep propagating the whole "we wuz whites once". Below is an article written by one of the "Aryan" founders of the alt-right

Nice damage control, khomeini.

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There is no reason for an ethnically swedish person to give a fuck about MENA autism. Just ignore

He is larping for epic damage control.
He is that Persian from Sweden

i dunno this reeks of pure butthurt

Assyrians and Babylonians invented human civilisation until they were invaded by Persian barbarians who today take credit for everything they stole from the assyrian and babylonian civilisation.

Alt right doesn't have any founders. Once again, you've outed yourself as a Semite. Why deny it?

Why are you putting quotes around Aryan? It doesn't mean white, you fucking retard.

You must be one of those infamous Iraqis or Lebs from Australia.

Ah yes, you are a turd from Iraq. How surprising.

>Arabs invented human civilization
Hahaha it always makes me laugh my ass off when you semites say that. Go and fuck your goat instead of larping.

Are you dumb? I want them out of Sweden because they are the dumbest immigrants before gypsies and Somalians. Or do you want to tell me Södertälje and Rosengård are perfectly normal neighborhoods?

Bara undvik skitiga ställen. Behöver inte prata MENA strunt

>Alt right doesn't have any founders.
>Why are you putting quotes around Aryan?
Cause i'm referring to Iranians(the true aryans), like yourself, who are certainly not white no matter how much they spam the stormer sites.

The Assyrians and Babylonians had writing, agriculture, arithmetic, astronomy, and huge cities that would be impressive by today's standards even, millenia before persian barbarians from the mountains conquered them.

The actual nerve of persians claiming to be the civilised ones when they have always been inferior to Arabs and Mesopotamians. And lmao at you claiming that you people aren't obsessed with being white while lying and falsely claiming to be a white person in this exact thread.

>the true Aryans

Once again, the alt right movement does not exist and anyone who claims to be a "founder" is a faggot.

Why do you keep insisting Iranians claim to be white? I have NEVER met an Iranian who said that. The "Iranian" in your link is half Iranian and half white, a literal mutt, just like yourself. It is you (semites, mutts and neo-nazis) who are trying to project it because you're obsessed with Hitler autistic ramblings.

Didn't read. Try again, Arab. Honestly, you should just go and fuck your goat instead of WE WUZing because the goat is an Arab's best partner. You should also be thanking your Turkish and Iranian overlords for not wiping out your people's existence.

The Jew and Arab screams in pain after they stab you.

Stop obsessing with arabs and jews if you really are swedish

You dense fuck, Iran means "the land of Aryans" and you know it Ahmed. Arguing with sand people is always pointless cause you're all insane in some way or another in fact i'm fairly certain a diaspora Iranian made that meme the OP posted and it may have actually been you who did since you people are batshit narcissistically stupid. I hope you and the Saudis just launch nukes you've secretly developed at each other soon so you can kill everyone in the middle east and rid the world of your filth

>i'm not butthurt, you're the one who's seething

What is your issue? Did your gf dump you and date an Iranian? You really sound like a Jew or Arab.

>two schizophrenic iranians argue with each other and call the other an arab

They're fucking up my country and you expect me to treat those arrogant seething goat fuckers with respect?
This is how Arabs act in Europe. They live on welfare, sell pizzas (Italian) and kebab (Iranian), their children are trying to emulate the old Italian Mafia and blacks in Detroit and they complain about everything. It baffles my mind to see these fucking scums be so arrogant. No wonder their cousins (Jews) got kicked out of almost every civilized country. It's a real mystery on why Iranians and Turks didn't wipe them out.

>pointing out a country's name means you're from that country
>everyone I don't like is schizophrenic
Seethe and cope, arab.

Every good human being hates Iranians and Arabs Mr. Reza Aslan. I used to hate Jews but i'm indifferent towards them now. Also I have nothing but bad experiences with Iranians who encapsulate all the stereotypes the Jews are supposed to be and most are delusional enough to think they were white and the only reason I joined this thread is cause I scrolled down and say you make the absurd claim that arabs/jews were meming the Iranians are white nordics shit when I know for a fact that the most ardent white nationalists during Trumps election campaign were the Iranians on my campus and we all made funny of them behind their "Aryan" backs. Also white girls don't date Iranians one the best lines in True Romance is when Patricia Arquette gets asked what her turn offs are and she say "persians" which is true no one sane dates you mena niggers here

Oh ok that explains it, you're a Jew. Literally no different from an Arab so I was never wrong.

I'm not a Jew Ahmed, i'm mostly Scottish/German ad its VERY pathetic that you don't want white people to hate you so you have to keep throwing around Arab and Jew to cope but I'd except no less from your proud "Aryan" ass

Sit down, semite.

Found the Persian refugee
If Iran is so great then why don't you go back?

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>t.butthurt shitskin in denial
Do you not get you aren't different from arabs mohammed? Both of you are inbred shitskins, and unironically clustered genetically anyway

because khomeini kicked his family out for being degenerates and he regularly gets called a sandnigger by Swedes despite being 100% pure aryan white obviously, so the rational thing to do is shill online for the regime that kicked out his parents for being degenerates.

Pathetic absolutely pathetic. I'm drunk and tired now so i'm going to bed Ahmed but its always fun to see a new take on the various sand people copes

and you're a mongorian chink, what's the difference?

lmao look at this deluded arab. Your research, which you didn't even read, is talking about he NDST3 gene, which is prevalent among 99% of the population, and that if a certain mutation of it is found among ashkenazi, it increases their chances of schizophrenia, or manic depressive disorders and the likes by 40%, while among other population it increases by 15%. But it doesn't talk about other genes and their causes, only about this specific gene and its mutation among ashkenazi, you sub-iq retard

In truth, israel has one of the lowest schizophrenia rates, and iran (and other arab countries) has one of the highest, really makes one think
see here and seethe more

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What did you expect from a dumb Pershit?

>the ärap stands with his Jewish cousin
How shocking