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1st for based anti-anime finposter

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Guys help

My lungs have autsim

Wagies, rise up! And clock in...

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How can lungs have autism?

my back has autism

Alprazolam is my favorite, helps me sleep.


benzo dependence is terrible

benzos suck, take the gabapentinoid pill

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they really fucking do and I want to quit this shit, wish me luck

how long have you been on them? What doses?

Ahhhhhhhh......im not even studying to be a engineer, but im taking the same classes with them! 40% of time I can't understand shit.


In future I need to know what they are doing. Double check etc.


And then I'll come to Finland make sure my kalevipojat are doing a good job ;-)))

Should I get alcohol and spend rest of the day browsing trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=e621.net

Good morning fellas, how's life? Well I hope!

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what’s that?

never ever, I drink to forget

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Finno-ugric power in top places

what mod?

I don't know

But what do you know?

Prophesy of Pendor, a low fantasy conversion

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If you repeatedly poke the tip of your finger into your ear it sounds like pac-man

I didn't know it had guns.

They're a recent addition to the mod, if you play you'll want to replace the sound effect with one from napoleonic as the default sound is the one for the pistol you can cheat into standard M&B, and it's awful.

I also used tweak mb to change the musket to be more powerful. The only units that have them are barclay missile units, or your knighthood order that you establish.

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I showed this general to my female classmate, she said she likes this pic

>command my troops to stay back
>go alone and pick out all enemies 1 by 1 myself

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ah yes, the barbarian way

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OP picture is anti-Estonian propaganda.

very based OP

but it's entirely speaking the truth?

The truth is convoluted

Bumb serious discussion

Seriously discuss THIS

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>163cm "men" have GFs

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Another incredibly productive day at work, shitposting and browsing for 6 hours

obvious troll

Is this thread bully free?

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No guarantees

good, how's everything going?