Why are Chileans cucked on purchasing Hydrogen Peroxide?

Why are Chileans cucked on purchasing Hydrogen Peroxide?
In the US:
>most common way to purchase is in a shop at 946 mL, 3% concentration
>can be bought in gallon form, at higher concentrations, ordered online, all with ease and no ID nor restrictions (6% is sold on Amazon, and a search online shows some being sold as high as 30%)
>Could spend all my money on Peroxide if my heart so desired
In Chile:
>Can buy maybe 200 mL of 1.5% concentration
>Any higher concentration (such as 5%) is difficult to obtain
>Any more and the government red flags you since it's a controlled substance down there

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mexicans keep drinking it like they drink lysol

mexicans keep drinking it like they drink lysol

mexicans keep drinking it like they drink lysol.

Who the fuck cares about hydrogen peroxide?

i do, i drink it like i drink lysol

Brown people use it to make explosives. Of course in the US this "reason" makes no sense because you can just buy explosives that are safer and better than the ones you could make with H2O2, America fuck yeah.

muh hooh

What a bizarre thing to sell in two-pack.

It's a common disinfectant. You know, for things like dildos or toilet bowls.

I'm pretty sure I read it kills dead and living cells equally and it does more harm than good, which is why it's mostly still used in third world countries

You should not use it on open wounds but on surfaces, like dildos or toilet bowls. Or very dilute as a poor man's mouth wash.

fucking retarded desu, you can make a bomb from hand sanitizer

idk I find it to work nice for antiseptic treatment since it doesn't cause burning pain like alcohol

also I just use 3% as mouthrinse/toothpaste enhancer, that shit whitens teeth and cleans gums like magic

Ok im tired of shitposting

That thing is fucking awful, if you apply it to a wound it will also "disintegrate" a bit of your tissues.

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I have never heard of someone using H2O2 for explosives but what would I know

you’re thinking rubbing alcohol, retard

Putting alcohol on open wounds is also not recommended. You should wash them with water to get the dirt out, bandage it and the immune system will properly take care of pathogens.

that's why I heard it became a controlled substance in your country, my best friend who lives there told me that. It just baffles me and seems really cucked.

what if I have a weak immune system though?

It's kind of an irrational fear on the government's side but once they take some freedom away you are never getting it back.

Weak as it is colloquially used: Eat more greens and do some light excersise, stuff like that.

Stupid auto posting.
W... eak as in really weak: Live in an ICU.

This is the first time I've heard this, at the lab we'll just grab some H2O2 by ourselves and call it a day. There has never been a situation where I have to buy it for normal work, I know people sometimes use it to clean wounds but it burns (literally) like hell and kills normal skin.
I guess this must stem from the military government times when all the attacks started happening and lefties got creative.

I'd be surprised if anyone here knew how to make a bomb let alone have a grasp of basic chemistry in order to make one using hydrogen peroxide lol. This is a kind of paranoia that's seen in the US or first world nations where the fear of a competent and (sometimes) intelligent individual planning terror attacks is an actual threat.

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>It just baffles me and seems really cucked.
Fuck I hate Americans.

Not as much as I hate Australians