Does it make sense to go outside carrying a knife?

does it make sense to go outside carrying a knife?

if i get caught i will have to pay a 600 euros fine but i will never have a job so whatever, you dont get jail time for not paying fines

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I don't

Carry a folded chair, if someone attacks you with a knife you can use it to keep them at a good distance or smack them over the head
If the cops stop yoy tell them your on your way to a picnic, or your office ran out of chairs or something

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For utility reasons? Absolutely, but you'll be better off with something that doesn't look like spooky assault knife. If you want to use it for self-defense, consider getting a pepper spray instead, it has better range and it won't get you jailed for murder.

this is unironically a good idea
also good when the train seat is all taken or the line at the store is too long

Is it legal to carry a folding pocket knife, with a blade under 8cm, in most of Europe? I usually keep a spring assisted one since it's been useful for me as a tool, and I even live in a city. Carry around a Leatherman too, but I use it less.


we're fucked

How would you be caught anyway?
Do the police randomly search people?

Can you carry a pocket knife at any smaller size?

We can't carry any tool that has a metallic blade and sharp edges, no matter the size.
Carrying a small pocket knife to make yourself a sandwich at work is illegal

Dam, I carry a pocket knife to work so I can slice my Apple and other fruits.

We'd get a 600 to 30000€ fine for that if we got caught

Get a nice man knife, like every non faggot

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Spring knives are not even illegal to carry but illegal to possess in the first place here.


>proceeds to post a fagggot knife
at least pretend to be trying

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look primitive

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>looks primitive
it's a knife, one of the most primitive tools. it's pretty silly to try to overcomplicate the most simple tools just for the sake of it.

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what utility does adding a joint add to the knife? it's still just a cutting edge with a handle. you're achieving nothing yet you're making it much more prone to failure.

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Depends on where you go and what you do. You cannot rely on the police to protect you, especially when no other people are nearby and bad boys always have one today.

You can also carry axes as tools for camping whixh are good for selfdefense

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