Why Jow Forums like to bully her

Why Jow Forums like to bully her

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Easy target

bully her womb with my cock

Because she's a wh*toid

Where are you? I'm top left.

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cause she look like she missing a chromosome

Top left but also bottom left because she’s pulling attention to an issue that needs urgent decisive action

looks like you have some extra ones because down syndrome is caused by an excess of chromosome 21.

Bully me? Alright.... uhhuh..... bitch I don’t give a fuck I’ll fuck a bitch up ya don’t

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nothing wrong with having an extra chromosome, the real problem is when it's missing one.

My soundtrack bitch

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I wonder how smooth her soles are

I'm not sure it does, Jow Forums generally seems restrained and even mannerly in comparison with those hysterics on /tv/. Or the Australian press.


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It's american hypocrisy.
Even if they are 300 million people, in contrast to both china and india which have a population of over 1 billion people each, yet they pollute way more than the second one mentioned above and a bit less than the first one.

She's the unofficial queen of Jow Forums tho. Pretty sure most here love her and are on board with her plans to stop ppl from polluting.

This desu
Id like to think that most people here believe that climate change is an actual problem and are just trolling when they say it doesnt exist.
Anyone who denies climate change should be moved to a tiny island, where the effects will be more direct instead of merely "more floods"

Imagine trying to collect flags on Jow Forums and being unable to get Kiribati's
That's the kind of future Jow Forums wants

Nah, I don't like britain

Top left
She should've said that everyone there should be arrested for crimes against humanity desu

NWO pawn. C02 carbon emission bullshit is just meant to get a carbon tax to fund the NWO. Enivromental movement was coopted by globalists who wanted to use it as a new age religion to get the masses to do what they want. Why do you think they keep asking you to eat bugs and live in tiny prison cell apartments in prison cities?

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>NWO pawn. C02 carbon emission bullshit is just meant to get a carbon tax to fund the NWO. Enivromental movement was coopted by globalists who wanted to use it as a new age religion to get the masses to do what they want. Why do you think they keep asking you to eat bugs and live in tiny prison cell apartments in prison cities?

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We objectively don’t and most of our new sources of energy is being done with hydroelectric dams dummy.

She's an ignorant sockpuppet who thinks that governments can magically stop the emissions when asked

annoying face
annoying politics

you objectively do you retard its called consumption driven industry. we are the consumers. having the kitchen and dining in separate rooms doesn't mean the cooked food comes into existence spontaneously

he is used as a pet for politics and her parents are irresponsable for exposing her like that. I feel sorry for her.

Your city is literally sinking into the ocean, dude.

>why yes, I have dropped meat and sold my car in order to save the climate, how could you tell?

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there's nothing more obnoxious than a self righteous ugly teen girl who's interested in 'social issues'

I don't know shit about the environment but I just can't seem to give a shit when India and China exist bros

I've been given a site wide permaban for posting something similar to this.

>I don't know shit about the environment but I just can't seem to give a shit when India and China exist bros

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You're right. You don't know shit.
Post less, read more.

You're Australian that's why

why should I care about the 15 people who live in my country vs the 5 billion in asia

To save climate we just need to kill more than 50% of human population, no idea what Greta suggest tho

Brits and Americans are the most insufferable cunts on this site, I swear.

Because the people in Asia are currently leading the world in terms of meaningful green energy technology and if China wasn't being used as a cocksleeve by western countries, they would be vastly lower in terms of emissions.
Also, that chart was based on per capita. That means per person, per individual. The fact that we in Australia use far more energy than the regions manufacturing all of the cheap goods you rely on is fucked, mate. To ignore this you're basically saying that you think we are worth more as humans than they are. We aren't, at all.

>t. CCP bots who clearly can't grasp of the concept 'per capita'
no matter how low the CO2 emission per capita in your country there's really no point of taking it into account when just two countries on the globe have population of 3 billion 'people' combined


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When it;s major drop of cognitive and intellectual capabilities it isn't. There's a reason Iceland screens for it.

>it's the west's fault
>also the based chinese are just as much people as us, fellow aussie!!

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>m-m-muh chyna
>m-m-muh injuns
>they du beeeg!!!
If they were balkanised into would Americans not care anymore?

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What does some literally who the from Danish parliament have do with anything
Well maybe they could try opening up some non fossil fuel power plants

reported for ban evasion

countries like china, korea, vietnam are some of the best countries to live in the world, their countries might last 1000 years into the future
meanwhile ours will not last for even 50 years, once climate change makes desert arab shitholes unsuitable they will start immigrating here en masse, not even taking into account america will invade us
even now, our country is shit, other countries can at least improve, but this one will never ever get any better

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I'm happy we only have Mexicans flooding us instead of CPC shills.

people keep reposting that clickbait headline without reading the fucking article

>Author's note: Some people have read this blog as my utopia or dream of the future. It is not. It is a scenario showing where we could be heading - for better and for worse. I wrote this piece to start a discussion about some of the pros and cons of the current technological development. When we are dealing with the future, it is not enough to work with reports. We should start discussions in many new ways. This is the intention with this piece.

it doesn't make sense to drop meat if you live in a country like Norway though.
It's much harder to farm there, it's much better for the environment if you just eat whatever's local, including meat.
Some sheep that spent their lives eating unwanted grass, in an area that can't be farmed anyway, then only took a short ride from the Norwegian mountains to Oslo, is MUCH better than importing soy from China, mangos from India or avocados from Mexico.
The "dropping meat" thing, only really applies to Americans and those who live in the tropics, or in really fertile areas (Ukranians for example)

The only way to fix climate change
>Invade and occupy Brazil
>Depopulate China

Nobody's got the balls to say it tho

>My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in our city. Those we lost on the way. Those who decided that it became too much, all this technology. Those who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took over big parts of our jobs. Those who got upset with the political system and turned against it. They live different kind of lives outside of the city. Some have formed little self-supplying communities. Others just stayed in the empty and abandoned houses in small 19th century villages.

>Once in awhile I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. No where I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me.

Hey there zhang

Yeah, try telling that to the climate fanatics. I know a guy, who I always thought was rather smart, who actually reduced his meat intake "for the climate".

I am a climate fanatic, being vegan in most of Europe is ridiculous. You do more harm than good.


FYI this term is being spammed by a "white" south brazillian that likes to shit up kohlchan with threads about how white he totally is.

>8 greta threads in catalog
just shut the fuck up already

For years I believed this was the true goal of the Luciferian elite, to massively cull the world population. I still don't know what they are waiting on, maybe they changed plans like they often do.

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Globohomo is old as fuck, drumpfkin

Mostly because she achieved by 16 much, much more than most of the people here can ever dream of.

Friendly reminder that Jow Forums is jealous of a 16yo girl being more famous/useful than they'll ever be

>I'm not jealous! I'm angry! She's clearly a pawn of the Jews trying to expand the powers of the UN and force us to take in more African migrants and destroy capitalism.

she's not ugly she is wife material
everything else you said was true tho

Seems sensible desu

dude you sound like you'd fuck anything with long hair and a hole

4plebs indicates that first use of "globohomo" was a leaf in a Jow Forums thread about an economist cover. At any rate, it's been used about 16,000 times since then mostly by a Canadian, a German, and a Brazilian.

I dunno what discord you guys organize in but it's annoying when you bring Jow Forums stuff outside of Jow Forums, especially when it's obvious not a word or term that has an English language origin or cultural reference. It sticks out in the same way Russian proxies do.

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Fuck off I wanna bash her skull against concrete
I'll pollute just to piss off this insufferable cuntface

I stopped believing in climate change when it snowed in july.

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>we are worth more as humans than they are. We aren't, at all.
I do think that though. What now?

>the climate changed and it snowed in july
>so the climate didn't change
10/10 reasoning

>ill shit my pants as long as someone else has to smell it

She makes the boomers seethe so she's based.


>snows in July
>Global Warming is Jewish plot!

>record breaking temperatures and drought summer after summer
>Uh..it's summer, genius. This is normal.

>it's warmer than normal
>"this is because of manmade climate change"

>it's colder than normal
>"this is also because of manmade climate change"

Yeah, I'm not buying it.

Bottom right

Fuck sweden.

If every country emitted per capita as much as the average Indian did, there would be no problems. India is not at fault.

>China is the world's leading country in electricity production from renewable energy sources, with over double the generation of the second-ranking country, the United States. By the end of 2018, the country had a total capacity of 728 GW of renewable power, mainly from hydroelectric and wind power. China's renewable energy sector is growing faster than its fossil fuels and nuclear power capacity.Although China currently has the world's largest installed capacity of hydro, solar and wind power, its energy needs are so large that in 2015 renewable sources provided only 24% of its electricity generation, with most of the remainder provided by coal power plants.[1] In 2017, renewable energy comprised 36.6% of China’s total installed electric power capacity, and 26.4% of total power generation, the vast majority from hydroelectric sources.[2] Nevertheless, the share of renewable sources in the energy mix had been gradually rising in recent years.

>Solar Power Plant Telangana II in state of Telangana, India
India is one of the countries with the largest production of energy from renewable sources. In the electricity sector, renewable energy account for 34.6% of the total installed power capacity. Large hydro installed capacity was 45.399 GW as of 30 June 2019, contributing to 13% of the total power capacity.[1] The remaining renewable energy sources accounted for 22% of the total installed power capacity (81. 3107 GW) as of 31 July 2019.[2]

this is not really enough to prevent global warming, but they are doing more than many western countries, especially when you consider that India is a poor shithole. both of these countries are also doing good work in the nuclear field, India trying to build many commercial thorium reactors, and china is trying to make a nuclear power plant that comes off an assembly line, I hope both take off

and if india and china had as much population as the other countries then there would be no problem for environment at all

you are as densely populated as the Chinese and Indians only difference is the fact the you are stuck on a little peninsula, and can't fit china, or India numbers

She's just a useful pawn of a leftist multinational shill campaign to peddle climate change conspiracy bullshit while hurting American industry and workers.

>hurting American industry and workers.
you mean like how coal plants do by killing 7000 every year? or how coal mining companies dump toxic sludge in rivers and poison thousands

No one cares about a bunch of non-whites (Americans) at this point.

and you're trying to say it's only a subtle difference but in real world that is the main cause of the whole climate change

no, its really just shit flinging, whoes fault it is, what matters is how fast our world civilization switches from fossil fuels to something better. if we don't do it In time, a lot of people will die

The real reason to stop global warming with it is that there will be a ton more refugees if we don't and some of them will get in


and our bleeding heart environment fuckers don't want nuclear technology for years to come

I feel bad for her. I feel bad for all young people who see what's coming and feel impotent against it.

When you think about this just one example among many of Jewish NWO conspiracy type stuff applying way more to the right than the left even in democratic countries. Who made immigration policy mostly about family reunification instead of skills? Not Hart and Cellar but conservative Senators. Who wants a low minimum wage so it's viable for businesses to employ low-skill Latin American labor? Conservatives. Who wants to ban abortion when it's used three times as often by blacks as whites? Conservatives.

I think she's a media plant, 16 year olds care about the latest iPhone and eating pizza, not touring around the world sperging out about the climate.

and who makes it a priority of our foreign policy, to support Israel

Because she is defective.

Based frog fighting fake news.