Switch to English and we'll let you join the USA

Switch to English and we'll let you join the USA

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No, portuguese has a beautiful dialectics.

Brazil will eventually become the 52nd state

Ok but only because I want to live in Montana together with my montanian gf

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No thanks, you can keep these though have fun !

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Los amerimierdas siempre se molestan cuando alguien habla en español porque ellos se creen que se esta hablando de elllos.

Jajajajajajaja, buen chiste.

All brazilians speak english already. Portuguese is just a meme to attract tourists.

Let me in. I want america

You're already USA 2.0. Why the fuck do you want more?

How so? We are not anglo or white. USA 2.0.= Canada

Ok then but don’t be jealous when I send you a pic of my girlfriend giving me a blowjob while her horse stare at us with snow covered mountains in the background

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Do she fuck horse

LOL. They're as mongrel as you are, but paler. That's one of the reasons you're their copy.

Does this horse looks like the type of horse that fucks white girls everyday to you? Because it sure does to me

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You mutts really hate us that much, eh?

Perú hará su mejor esfuerzo!

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Ofc no one likes chinks

I'll never use english to communicate

Are there stages to the mongrelization of a country that I am not aware of? It’s not like race is determined by your skin color anyway.

>All brazilians speak english already
You're joking right?


>le 23% face

se habla espanyol


Eu falo português