Every day I wake up sad that I was born a male and not a female. Is this a problem in your country?

Every day I wake up sad that I was born a male and not a female. Is this a problem in your country?

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Take hrt and cut your penis

It's not the same.. I would be an ugly girl I would rather stay a decent looking guy.

do the world a favor and remove your self from gene pool



Ok , just accept that you are a boy

Post tummy or legs

Kill yourself

l unironically believe not a few trannies are just a chimera of inceldom and anime

I want to date cute boys but not as a guy. You know. Im not gay I'm actually hyper straight.

>I would be an ugly girl
You won't be a girl at all.

Just kys and isekai

Yes, but only because girls have it better

I'm confusion , just transition and go to Iran and get a husband , I can't help you more than that

Same, i wish i was a biological girl (female)
And no, im not a tranny and dont associate myself with those freaks

t. tranny in denial

Every day I wake up and collect pics of cute lolis and shotas. Post pics of cute lolis and shotas.

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lmao stop being a gaywad

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No, honestly I have bigger problems than gay ass gender shit. I wish I was a million things. I wish pretty much anything in my life was anything but what it actually is. I even hate my cat. I hate literally everything I see and think about the moment I wake up. Being a girl or boy is the least of my concerns. In fact I would prefer to be a sexless drone to this life. I would prefer to be a dead pile of bones, or a dried up barren wasteland. I would prefer the stars were holes in a sinking ship

Lets assume everyone here can transform from their male forms to female forms with little difficulty. Assume that all the men here are aesthetically at peak. Like a clone grown in a vat shielded from all imperfection causing factors more or less and your fem form was aesthetically pleasing.

What would happen is that people would assume a male form for most scenarios except for situational scenarios where being female isn't a con or you want to be cummed inside. People are gonna take form society woudl deem more serious. What would you do if your she-form was 5'2 but your male one was 6'2.

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I'd assume female form for all cases except for when I need to do lots of physical labor, which is rarely.
Being a 5'2'' qt is worth the tiny trouble of not reaching shelves as easily or not being taken as seriously.