Aren't gays way more promiscuous than heteros?

aren't gays way more promiscuous than heteros?

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Allegedly yes.

Why the rate of pedos between gays is much higher than between straight men?
t. gay that wants to be straight

> younger

yeah I'm thinking anyone pedo-homo

the homosexual is a hedonist at his core, they will always go for more and more depraved sexual acts

Many gays are pedos. Many. Many. Many
I was raped as a child and because of that I feel very unconfortable about being gay. I want to be straight and like big boobs

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Because desiring young nubile teens make sense and "gay" men getting caught fucking teens whether consensual or not gains more attention then "straight" pedos doing the same where it's just attributed to being a pedo/ephebo.

I'll be honest here I'm not exactly pro-gay but Men having sex with teens isn't that disturbing to me.

I hate human sexuality. Wish we could be like animals, just fuck for make babies and that's it
Rape can destroy a human's sanity.

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I just want 1 bf uwu

As a big homo, I can say that gay men are way more promiscuous/open about sex that heteros. It's like this because by default, men are way more open about sex, so when you have two men that want to fuck, they will talk about how they want to fuck.

Inmy country most of the victims of pedophilia are little girls raped by a close family member (dad, uncle, step dad, cousin, ...). I don't know what's the situation in other countries.

This, it's literally impossible to be incel and gay. I think it's the only advantage

Despite being 2% of the population...

Yeah but you need to remember that are something like 8 straight man or more for 1 gay. I think the victims are like 60% girls 40% boys.
I was raped for a strange, if was a close adult I think I would be even more fucked in the head.

No, that guy is just an autist who went crazy after losing his virginity at 23.

Do pedos care about gender though? Most pre-pubescent kids look the same.

In Mex 80% of the victims are girls, also there are criminals who keep girls as sex slaves and "sell" them to tourists from the US and Europe.

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From 7 years old it's easy to distinguish boys and girls. I think they care

Range depends if a country has accelerated puberty in girls.

Death to pedos danmit. Fucking scum of the earth
I wish for revenge tbqh

I've heard pedos don't care about the gender, it's all about power and domination. They don't see a little woman or a little man, they see innocent creatures.

I think It depends of the individual. Some of them will feel attraction for the body itself.
Human mind is complex as fuck

300 sex Partners is nothing special. Some have 5000+ They make up 70% of all AIDS cases

Child abuse leads to homodecuality. Abuse victims often become abusers zhemselves

a lot of pedos are repressed. Even with gay acceptance and shit its still looked down on.
Like priests. Or Muslims .Can't get their rocks off so end up turning to pedo shit at a higher rate.

>I was raped as a child
>Im gay
Many such cases.

Disgusting country.

First of all: the pedo rate gor cath priests is the average of society. Sevond of all: the problem is witj repressed homos and child abuse almist exclusively

I'm trying to cure myself by watching lesbian or female masturbation porn. It's odd because after trying it so much I finally started to get horny to some videos, it's something random. In a random video I can feel kinda horny, then I will see a very similar video in sequence and feel nothing. It's a long way ...

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That's dumb, I'm gay and wasn't raped. My childhood was nice and beautiful, raised in a nice and quite colonial town with a big family. I didn't watch porn until I was 13 while most of my straight friends were jacking off to softcore porn at 10.
I'm not promiscuos either, I prefer watching WWII documentaries than fucking with strangers.

That must be why you don't feel uncomfortable being gay. I feel uncomfortable because if I let someone fuck my ass I will remember my trauma.

>Like priests. Or Muslims .Can't get their rocks off so end up turning to pedo shit at a higher rate.

No that's to how shit works at all.

Consult a professional, that's post traumatic stress disorder. You can have a good life just like any person.

I'll try to do this next year. Sick of being a volcel, danmit I will make 20 years next year, time to surpass this shit.

I don't think its ALL gays but it certainly applies to me. I am a nymphomaniac but I refer to my self as a numb hole maniac because I love getting fucked and degraded until all of my holes are numb and I cannot feel a thing. I have gay flings every day of the week, thousands of partners total.

What can I do? It is an addiction like no other. I need to be filled and it simply must be a filling, not of cream, not of chocolate, not of sandwich spread. I must be filled by cocks and semen spurting into my every pockmark.

For me, it is simply a penis addiction there can be no replacement like how smokers can take up vaping. I've tried

>Dildos, of many sizes and textures
>walking around with carrots in my bottom to prevent the urge building up
>various pole shaped objects from supermarkets including very large ones like curtain rails, I thought if i got it far enough it would satisfy me for longer, it didn't and now when I draw the curtains some poo flakes sometimes drop off
>started using my holes (bum, mouth, ear) to break frozen leeks in half, thinking it would feel like a penis breaking inside me and put me off sex. but now i just try to break the cocks because the thought of it is hot to me

What can I do? it is simply an addiction

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American homosexuals are one of the most promiscuous creatures on planet earth

I want to grow old together with a twink bf
I just want to feel loved

Sexuality is just a natural process, like digestion or breathing, but it's not the most important thing in life and absolutely shouldn't be a burden.

Have other activities, if you spend too much time thinking about sex and can't do or think about other things then you should see a professional. Some enjoyable activities can produce addiction, from smoking to playing videogames.

do you post on /brit/?

Because homosexuality and pedophilia are linked. Never met a homosexual that wasn't sexually abused or molested as a child.