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good edition

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Contemplating a 'cide

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wish yanks for f*** off


wats wrong?

Ship my shit you scungy chinks

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hate orientals

My life has / is / and will always be shit. I'm in a place now where I could easily burn charcoal to off myself. Also I've become someone that I don't like

He lives on a rainy island whose natives are inbred 400 years into the past, with ugliest women (skyrim orcs are prettier) on the continent. And that island is being slowly taken by muslim invaders, primarily Pakis.

here you are again begging for sympathy on /brit/, a place that fucking hates you. nice



he's a yank

>Money Croat abandons /brit.

Got a token Aussie in my wow raid group

Anything he says people just laugh at

I'm not though am I?

The French Revolution was a mistake. It led to the Marxist way of thinking.

The American Revolution was a blessing to humanity. It led to the modern libertarian way of thinking.


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don't know what it is most aussies are a good laugh. shame I was born an autist

why would you even bring it up if you weren't looking for people to feel bad for you? faggot

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>Yet another dogshit yank edition
Ah yes

australia must be the worst place in the world to be a weird introvert

don't stop you from being funny
source: me, an funny autist

I called one of doug's threads a "dogshit chink edition" and now he literally cannot stop saying "dogshit yank edition"
imitation is the highest form of flattery!

I was funny when I was young but then I went 10 years with no friends and now I'm fucked

Would slap the taste out of your mouth irl stop @ing me queer

near midnight and not at all tired
think my sleep schedule is on the verge of getting utterly fucked haha

not him but people abusing and laughing at me feels good (emotionally not sexually)

>prison-tier sausages
>Eggs been fucked
>Beans not reduced enough - the bowl makes me suspicious that these may have even been microwaved
>White sliced

I think we've got a more live and let live attitude towards quiet people than say Americans do

brown bread is utter shit

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Need Emma Watson to take a hammer to my knob.

nah america is the worst
my uh.. friend has told me about how dreadful it is

amazing how easily you get btfo
you really should kill yourself and shut the fuck up about it in /brit/
>dawww someone feel bad for me pls :( im gonna kill mysewf :(

How am I supposed to participate in No Fap when I get morning glory every other morning?

not true in my experience. it was always brought up and insecure extroverts hated me for not giving them what they needed

>Please someone argue with me I don't get attention from my mummy and I've never got my dick wet
Top yourself friendo

consider myself racist but still prefer brown bread to white
funny that

it's not even arguing because all you do is namecall, it's just me shitting on you LOL

thoughts on grains?

Internet shaman say not touch grug penis and grug gain special power

In school definitely, I remember the weird kids being eaten alive
I just mean as adults, I've met a fair few yanks and they seem to be much more comfortable if you're willing to share your life story the first time you meet

can you two retards stop arguing over nothing

More gay banter..zzz I'm going to bed now have fun sucking your bfs dick at school tomorrow

I want to put my face between Emma Watson’s bum cheeks and inhale. What a glorious smell it must be.

my poos are way bigger than any willy ive seen in porn

this is where you lost the argument because you resorted to coping and assumptions

You at work?

ok be sure to beg for more attention tomorrow night and say "dawww I wanna kill mysewwf :(" you fat faggot

love the smell of my little puppies tummy for some reason
smells like home

Which direction are they going, out of the bum(exit hole) or forcing their way back in
Because one is more natural than the other

americans are weird they'll dump everything on you at once then go pretty cold once they're done. i don't think they really 'get' friendship

I'm no grug, you slug

socialism will be good for America

a smile only a br*tish mother could love

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just got up. it's a public holiday down here today. can finally take it easy. spent the whole weekend, and last night, doing charlie and mdma (and shagging). will probably head down to the beach a bit later with some mates. prefer socializing with real people in real life on the weekends (and public holidays), so won't be posting here today.

>that knuckle nose


And what will you do? Call me out for the attention of others. You're a literal fucking nobody and you'll die alone too you just haven't accepted it yet and you still think your life matters / you have importance

bumholes naturally suck

Can't stop farting

well yes he is part ashkenazi

Alri Ms. Watson

Are you the pedophile poster?

Why aren't you working lmoa

sucking a bum


I hate the fact we don't have a proper left wing party and just this shitty liberal middle class monstrosity.

yep, he is. he cries about how he wants to kill himself and begs for attention by being "that based guy who posts pics of dead children!"
biggest loser in /brit/ for sure

this thread is boring as fuck if im being honest lads

ohhh nooo we don't have a proper kill all men party i'm so saddd

>proper left
>kill all men

Stay off Jow Forums cunt

Sucking a pre-toil golf ball

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but seriously we should kill all men

Got a really good idea to spruce this thread up a bit lads, make it exciting

girls pooing and weeing

take me down
through the streets of chinatown

weeing is cute but don't want to think about pooing

Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

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wish The Democratic party was as left as Labour

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Considering breaking up with the gf but the main thing stopping me is how sad it would make her

Yeah me too, then they’d never win.

Unironically makes you sound like a good bloke for being so considerate
why do you want to break up with her anyway

Bethany, 23

Lowkey only on Tinder for your dog. Take me on an adventure!!

you are a scat fetishist

Foreigners are a lesser species more closely related to goblins or mole people than real sentient beings with souls. Anyone who speaks a language other than English is an irredeemable barbarian.

want to hurt her. she better be peng

cucked by my dog again

Thinking about that one lad last night who was frothing over the name Becki aha

Nah, I’m not even a fart fetishist. Just curious about girl farts is all.

>a wh*toid “man” typed out this post

sucking beckis fanny

is she peng