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took a dump so big the poo was sticking out of the water



wakey wakey

I am woke

Does he do this on purpose?

I'm just a memer
I meme my life away

Be Kind
Autism is a terrible disease

The Czech who lives nearby should've beaten it out of him

Bullying is not the option.

I don't understand
So there's a rude irishman on vacation in slovakia
and theres another foreigner on erasmus in slovakia?

I'm literally retarded idk.

2019 is the year of the ERASMVS BVLLS

what happened
there ss spanish guy in HK-cz

but is in slovakia?

Good morning frens!

Good morning! :)

Hey! :D

Good morning my dear friend :)

calling you a man would be an insult to all other men

Who hurt you bro?

my ex

Tell us more, maybe we can help. :)

i thought you dont use such infantile words sloni

could this be the Erasmus irish?

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co robi w autobusie


mas te titulky do Lotrando a Zubejda

mate english suby do Thrlina

what is that femwak

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what group is that*

just a group for people who live in dorms
na mlynoch

where are foreign students housed?

very high probability Erasmus students live there if they stay in dorms

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Good morning friend

I feel so lonely lonely

>my anthem: Young Love
too much

As a civilisation we were fucked as it was, but tinder is the final nail in the coffin
Sharia can't come soon enough

Fuck, it's already noon. Why does the time fly by so fast.

even the classifaction of disorder betrays that it's not real, because for it to be disease a there would have to be a known cause, objective symptoms and a way to reliably test for it
there was a conference in 1998 to put this discussion at rest that concluded
>Finally, after years of clinical research and experience with ADHD, our knowledge about the cause or causes of ADHD remains largely speculative. Consequently, we have no documented strategies for the prevention of ADHD.
>"we do not have an independent, valid test for ADHD" (p. 2). In regard to a biological basis for the presumed disorder, the panel concluded that "there are no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction" (p. 2).
and since then the conclusion is still the same
>Scientists are not sure what causes ADHD. Like many other illnesses, a number of factors can contribute to ADHD, such as:

so while there are advances in neuroimaging that are hopefully bringing us closer to the truth about ADHD there is still no concrete evidence of it being real, as in caused by brain malfunction
i sincerely hope that if it is real they find the cause so it can be tested reliably and drugging of children can be avoided, but until such a study appears i am going to maintain my position that it's made up issue to chalk up bad parenting and teaching to an external cause

>can't you just shut the fuck up
no one is interested in reading your retarded walls of text

ugh I can't believe people on tinder don't have any morals wtf


lmao wtf

>boss told me we might hire a system architect in few months, or promote one of current team members to that position
this is my chance
this is my time

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good luck

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>I shouldn't be up here
>I should be back in school
Yep, she got that right.

based Greta making stormfags broil and seethe

how's new york these days, greta?

What is she retarded? Can she not remember one short little speech? It's incredibly embarrassing that she has to constantly look at the paper

it just makes her "emotional outburst" look embarassing
if she has to look at the paper to know when to display which emotions it's too obvious that she's just acting and doing it for pr

That's not me, it's some other M*gyar.

who the fuck is sloni


to sloni zyjacy w monotoni
to tylko sloni
to tylko sloni

Our friend

i'm your friend?



>I'm a skeleton, I need to gain weight
>Look at others, you don't have to, stop this

Hold me or I kill this cunt

eat nuts

too expensive

eat kebabs

too expensive and no meat in thos here

lentils then

bolognese sauce with pork + pasta
what do you usually even eat?

i dont like pork
some soups, pierogi, rice with chicken and veges, potatoes iwth fish sticks and some salad

you cook it yourself? then just add more oil to everything, oil is probably the cheapest source of calories
if I want to gain weight I add more butter to everything, but it looks like you can't afford it
and don't waste money on garbage like fish sticks, get proper food instead

What kind of oil?
I use olive oil and rzepakowy

olive oil is good
I personally only use olive oil and butter, don't like the taste of other oils

what would be good to add to scrambled eggs to make it more calorie dense

sup fellow negroes

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This is a 65 year old woman.

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heh funny
Jsi jak malé dítě

What was the Point of That Post

t. cum egger


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buy nutridrinks not testicle shrinkers

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I bought 2kg of whey protein, served me well
it had strawberry flavor though

natural is way cheaper and I can throw in banana or sth to blend it

Do you own a car?
If so, what model?
Are you happy with it or you want something else?
Was it new when you bought it or second-hand?

If not, how do you usually go around town?
Would you consider buying a car somewhere down the line?

No car, just made drivers licence.
Want to buy something cheap until I get money for something better.
Maybe Peugeot 206 or Volvo S40 I

Those 2 things helped me to get out of the skinnyfat hell and gain some muscle mass
Now I am cutting to have visible abs

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Prekini da zagaduvash be byurmit

Not gonna say the rest because it's not relevant
I love it. It's much better than p*blic transport. I can connect my phone via bluetooth, listen to music and go wherever I want, without having to wait for 10 minutes because some bus is late, and without having to transfer into other lines when going somewhere.
In a big city I wouldn't use it though, traffic congestion eats up too much time and at that point the car loses its convenience and solely becomes a money sink.

This world needs a Pol Pot-like leader to genocide all carcucks and codemonkeys.

and fat people with glasses

This, but unironically.

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>tfw toxic relationship with parents
No cofeposting today.

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but you're a codemonkey

>be antisocial
>people hate me for it
this is dumb

Yeah, and?

youre just a retard, there is no such thing as antisocial you snowflake negro

Don't you have homework to do?

>go to /cgl/
>the threads are full of drama where girls who know each other from favorite facebook groups shittalk each other anonymously
>stuff like she's so fat or she really shouldn't be wearing this with that face of hers
>sometimes they adress each other by real life names too
>constant shitting on men
Why are femoids so toxic?

dont you have le antisocial posts to make, throw in some tfw no gf posts, some le depression posts, some other irrelevant bullshit no one cares about
oh yea, no one gives a shit about your """mysterious""" person you sad fuck
go play wow and kys