Femanon who wants a jap bf

I'm bored and I need time to pass before I go to bed.

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tranny freak.


I’m not gay

you better stop or autism will be unleashed

Do you love Japan?

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Spend that time improving your toes-painting skill

are you jewess

i want your pic unrelated (related to what i want)
that cartoon has some retarded walking animation though

I want to be hugged by a girl!!!!!!

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good, i'm straight too

my dude i hate asians but we are bonded as gf-less brothers in trips and quads
may u get the cute gf u want fren

I need white gf

Please post belly

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not clear, got dick stuck in schrodinger's box.

I wanna lick

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now post discharge

someone pls help me with my japanese homework

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why not?

because i'm on my period

How does Period feel ?
Is it true women become angry at period ?

depends on the day/woman

Post bmi

So what?

Got a feeling you're the jewess


I'm not posting my blood here

thank you

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No, you don't pass, you ugly tranny.

you're south korean

Hmm good point. You should do it anyway though.

this is the one for you



op is actually cute desu

op if you're not yet asleep pls add me on discord

my tag is jolji#9892

pls kys