swedish girls were supposed to be hot

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they are

she's became a leader of climate change activism, despite being autistic and 16, what have you done with your life?

she doesn't have autism, didn't you see her cry

Shitpost and cope at Jow Forums

when did she ever cry?


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Pretty sure she has become a leader exactly because she is a girl, ugly and autistic because these are the qualities that lefties in Sweden sway over.
Just a PR face exploited by others who may believe she has actually did something worthy while being absolutely wrong.

In all honesty do we need 20 fucking threads about her every day?

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just enjoy it, it's how the youth deal with cognitive dissonance

you don't believe we should save the earth?

this girl's relevant only 'cause the neomarxism otherwise she would be another mom's failure like everyone

I finished school

I believe that ugly swine this thread is about has nothing to do with it

she's probably taking online classes. A lot of students here take some classes online, to reduce the number of hours in school, thus reducing the chances of being shot

The average Scandinavian female looks like a horse smothered with fake tan.

she already has something to do with it. There was a Climate Change panel at the UN today. There's going to be real global changes in policy because of her activism

What exactly are her solutions to the issues she screams about? I see a lot of shouting and veiled insults, but no actual plans.

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She wants 3x the current funding for climate change economic initiatives. For example, if your country was going to spend $100 billion on green energy development, she wants $300 billion

she demands plans
that's what she is screaming about, she wants leaders to actually prepare for the future

>Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist who started the Friday school strikes, has graduated from secondary education with 14 As and three Bs.
Lmao, Jow Forums inc*ls btfo

I wonder what university she will attend, a Swedish one or an American one?

she will probably go to university in the uk

First time I see a thread about that retard.

On the other hand, I keep seeing threads with pictures of chinks with surgeries and million kg makeup from your country.
but her leader cannot deliver the solution, because they are part of the problem.

she is not a revolutionary
she just wants leaders to be leaders

I hope she will attend a university here because it makes it more likely that she will be my girlfriend

she seems to hate Americans, casually making fun of americans thinking climate change is a life choice

or in better wording, do their fucking jobs

no no no no no

no, that can't be true. and if it is, I'll convince her that I'm not like most Americans. I'll learn Swedish from Duolingo to prove it

Wtf I love Greta now

Why is she acting like the sky is falling when she hasn't even been effected by climate change in Sweden? I mean what are the chances she even understands any of the science besides any random talking point buzzwords like mass-extinction, ecosystem destruction? This doomsday propaganda is being pumped into children's heads and they're forming Fundamentalist Christian Revelation-tier cults.

Except nothing concrete is being done anyway , no one seems to want to act on the urgency

She isn't Swedish, she's Putin's child and follows his orders to hurt western economy and industry

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>at age 16
i was depressed, tried to kms but noped out and cried to the school counselor
>now aged 21
not depressed, living life and just trying to make ends meet and make it one day

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