Enough of Bulgaria bashing

They are a wonderful people with great history. Only dirty Albozerg, broke Greeks and traitorous inhuman scum of muslim Slavs aka Pomaks dislike them.

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Anyone have that art image of the Macedonian fucking a "Greek" girl. K thanks

It is the other way aroud, fatty. There is at least 10 million Turks of Slavic descent in Asia Minor. Zero other way around.

Bulgaria should just annex the whole balkan and genocide all serbs, greeks and turks.

That's because they took your girls. Didn't stop them from fucking the peasants when they were stationed in a different area.

I wish I was bulgarian, so I could be a bulgarian nationalist

We're never ever giving it back.

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If that was the case the slavoids in Turley would have Turkic haplogroups



Turks share more dna with austrians and germans than with serbs


Absolutely disgusting.

They can take Oltenia however

Greatest ally :) . Can't wait to genocide this entire peninsula of cockroaches. It will be glorious.


You can only dream faggot hahahaha

Don't let your dreams be dreams :)


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This is some epic cope if I've ever seen one.