Modern Jow Forums memes suck

Prove me wrong. All that zoomer/boomer and clownworld shit is forced as fuck by a few thousand retards who want to feel like they're part of some ebic secret society.

Only acceptable one is gigachad

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whats a meme you like?

they are all shit

frog poster need to die slowly

Gigachad,wojak,pepe,pedobear,in the trash it goes

says the frog poster ... its not even apu



Apu is the best light hearted meme
Couldn't bring myself to hate that autistic little guy

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What about merckposting?

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Anime reaction pics are fine though

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We need to come up with a new meme.
However what can be qualified as a meme?
If I will come up with OC and start posting it around here everyone would just shit on it and call it forced.
Every meme is a forced meme. The question is only about if you have forced it hard enough to more people accept it and start spreading it in your stead and make a new edits.

>posts a frog

Schizoposting is the new wave. It's not a meme unto itself, but rather a memetic construct, a metameme if you will. And although it is occasionally invoked here on the site, its virulence is actually far more extensive, and evidenced primarily by infected normalfags on the likes of Twitter post-2016.

4channel however is pretty good

coomposting is the only good new meme

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Gondola was the best meme to come from this shithole site, at least it has some artistic flare to it

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This is the only meme that annoys the fuck out of me. It's not even funny and is sooner as fuck.

Zoomer/Boomer and clown world are really shit memes. Gigachad has a funny charme, you post him and a good greentext and everyone gets the point. Sojak was a bit to forced, many posters don’t know how a meme works, so they are getting quick boring after a while when you see them dozen times in the catalog.

>Zoomer af

To illuminate what I mean with a current example: take a cursory look at normalfag reactions to Greta Thunberg.

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frogposting and to a lesser extent feelsposting has always been cancer. not that it matters anyway since gook 4channel is just a content farm for reddit and twitter.