Why is she ALWAYS so angry and pissed off, lads?

Why is she ALWAYS so angry and pissed off, lads?

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God I wish I could curbstomp this little shit

maybe she should go to china and india talk to them, they are what has caused climate change

Thirdies arent recycling

she's only trying to save the entire human race from dying from the entire world overheating

too bad you cant even kill a fly useless gypoid

Lel no Europe and the US pollutes and consumes more even though its populations are less than half the population of those countries.

you mean you can't beat a little girl?

She looks so bloodlusted.

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Fuck you petroshill


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there is no way you actually believe this... are you ok?

>girl tries to change something
>How DARE she try to make the world a better place.

No wonder my prof, current neighbor, 2 HS teachers and my manger all left your nation.

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>literal downie screeching like a retard
> trying to make the world a better place.


you can't even make this thread a better place

Crab in the bucket.

This globalist psyop gets more cringe Everyday. At this point the west derves to be replaced by China
>getting manipulated by an autistic, dumb child on TV

iterally not, Morruk. Gtfo of Holland

Evety day I thank the Chinks for finding a final solution to the leaf question

yummy, yummy tasty globalist propaganda

Btw, isn't she a Swede? Why does she speaks with a British accent?

just wanted to say you are based and my only friend in this thread

DAILY REMINDER: she is literally a crybaby sponsored and brainwashed by Soros.

Why is she treated like a god? She says nothing we don't know already

we all know faggot

who knew the globalists would be employing a fetal alcohol syndrome swede autist

That's her eco-couch.

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boomers are killing her planet and her future

She is Putin's daughter and does his bidding to destabilize western industry

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>Oy vey the goyim know! Delete this! Insult them, so they will feel ashamed and GTFO!
Well done.

Kek, swinging his balls right past the little retard

Once she will took over Russia so we will get even more meme president.

Shut up diaspora.

I bet you 3 shekels she is Jew

>9 greta threads in catalog
just shut the fuck up already


The business community and economist consensus went insane in the 70s and never looked back
>We can establish a system that yields infinite financial growth!
>We can make more money by smashing unions and dismantling the social safety net
>There will be no downsides to the complete commodification of society. We should think of ourselves less like citizens and more like consumers
>If everyone pursues their self-interest and doesn't concern themselves with what effect their actions will have on others, everything will work out

>What the fuck? Why is everyone broke, miserable, and debt-ridden now? How did everyone get so irresponsible?
>How the hell did the biosphere collapse?
>Why do people think my multi-billion dollar retail conglomerate is destroying the planet? Don't they realize I give people jobs?
>The government can't take action against climate change, the founding fathers never even mentioned climate change in the constitution
>The best solution to climate change is to give the private sector tax breaks and less oversight

I'm angry too.

why is her English perfect despite being only 16 y/o
l'm suffering

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just means shes doing something right
I mean, just look at all the hate she gets just for saying ger piece

All North European countries speak a good english, even teens and kids. Exception for South Europe like France Italy and Spain where the english is full retard

because people don't want to learn english. I'd rather have French as secondary language.

I'm sure these world leaders are shaking in their boots after an autistic rant from a potatoheaded teenage girl

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she is a literal climate science denier, she doesn't do anything 'right'

she still virgin?

Why does Jow Forums love this bitch so much? The moment you criticize her, all the whiteknights come out

Yes, Im sure she is Grzergzor

It's because this board is full of degenerate pedos who want to have sex with her

not an argument

Jow Forums is unironic reddit

Not really anything to criticize her for, she's doing something that desperately needs to be done.

>You're a white knight

because Jow Forums in general is full of mentally weak basement dwellers, they completely ate up the climate catastrophe meme and now they attack anyone who criticizes their downie 'saviour'

>I mean, just look at all the hate she gets just for saying ger piece
just like Trump

She looks like the Monster from phenomena

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she is doing the same thing other kids have "done" in the past, which is wine in front of a bunch of old people and tell them how they don't know how to do shit, and since she is a kid, roasties and retards like you put a soy face and say
its just a face for """green""" corporations to side with and gain mutual benefit.

Probably because she's 16 but still looks like a loli.

nu-Jow Forums is contrarian Jow Forums.
Anytime Jow Forums says something, Jow Forums will say the opposite, like a retarded little brother.

>16 year old teenage girl
>looks like she hasn’t even hit puberty
How can people still support the vegan diet


Proper attitude to deal with (not to deal with) undisciplined kid

>british accent
Implying it's not the correct way of speaking English. Would you somehow speak Korean with a Korean accent?

When is she gonna address the jq?

people in america have to deal with mexican accent and unironically believe that's what spanish is suposed to sound. who in the fuck cares anymore?

she is a slave of the "green" corporations. why can't this go through your heads?

Well the overwhelming scientific consensus is that we're facing global catastrophe in about a decade, beginning a long period of massive human suffering and death leaving future generations to live in an indecent world that they'll never forgive us for. Complaining about superficial nonsense like the personalities of the people stating the upcoming decimation of the human species is such a gross misuse of time one would have to be divorced from reality to do it.

>Well the overwhelming scientific consensus is that we're facing global catastrophe in about a decade
100% false

Who’s criticizing her? All I ever read is ”she’s autistic” or ”lol uggo”

>Well the overwhelming scientific consensus
false. this is what the media is promoting because its the equivalent of clickbait, like the amazonas burning.

So what happened to those goblins that were pushing gun control some months ag

>Well the overwhelming scientific consensus
There is not a single working model to explain the warming with the increase of CO2. To make this work in physics we need 200times the amount in the atmosphere. Whatever warms the world it's not CO2.
But whatever. This shit lost all reason and science seems to be irrelavant anyway because some child talks shit out of her ass without providing a single source.

This retard? Gun control once again stopped being an issue people cared about because they're impulsive and the media/politicians stopped giving them the time of day.

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Yeah this goblina.
This autistic swede will just fade to obscurity in 3 weeks,no one with power gives a fuck about what she says

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That's good to hear. I'll be sure to let the IPCC know a bunch of neets on Jow Forums refuted their work
>There is not a single working model to explain the warming with the increase of CO2. To make this work in physics we need 200times the amount in the atmosphere. Whatever warms the world it's not CO2.
I hate to call people liars, but you're a huge fucking liar. What are you even getting out of this?

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>amazonas burning.

With ranchers starting it.

Bruh... even the slightest trace of CO2 acts like a mirror for sunlight, trapping it. The fact that you think you can just go online and spread tour pseudoscience is reason enough to push for better climate policies

I guess the multiple ice ages were caused by the great industrial decline the people made to keep the temperatures from rising like Greta wants, and not just stages that the earth goes through naturally.

She is not wrong.

Better talk about her appearance...

And he immediately backpedals to ”muh ice age has happened before, it’s not my fault”
How long was it between the last two ice ages? And I’m sure it was caused by proto-humans

the IPCC doesn't actually claim there is a climate catashtrophe incoming or there is a climate crisis going on
you are an idiot
I'm gonna do a quick rundown on the actual state of climate science because you clearly have no idea what are you talking about

The warming caused by CO2 is not exponential, it's logarithmic (doubling)
The pre-industrial amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 280ppm (0.028% of the atmosphere) we are at 410 - 415 right now, the doubling is at about 560ish

There are two thing you have to know here, TCR (the amount of warming we will experience when the CO2 doubles) this is about 1.8 - 2 celsius but this amount already includes the warming we experienced in the past 200 years

The other thing is ECS, ECS is the amount of waming you get when CO2 doubles and all the feedback effects reach their full potential ECS is really hard to estimate (TCR is not), ECS is 1.5 - 4.5 celsius but keep in mind that ECS to 'fully kick in' takes many decades even centuries

So please stop promoting junk science, and stop reading garbage tabloid sites
What I posted is the actual science supported by the IPCC, feel free to deny it

How is that Pseudosience.
You make opbservations of how CO2 affects warming for example in a Dutch comercial Greenhouse (like in the work I refer to).
You see how much the Co2 influences the climate there.
You see how high the concentration is.
You adapt it to our world.
It is known how much Sun light (As an Energy in Joule) hits earth. You can now with the CO2 concentration in mol/m3 calculate how much energy suposedly gets stuck insteed of being reflected back to the Space.
CO2 has like a near to no role in it because majority of the Sunlight will be catched by clouds and the bodies of water.
It will take a while to find this work from a Dutch university but it's so far the best understandable and most convincing source I've ever seen.
It also takes into account how the water temperature rises. The take the surface water and calculate how much joule you need to get it 1C warmer. The mount of Energy is insane. CO2 in the atmosphere can't even contribute too like 0,001% of the needed Energy.

How fucking dumb are you? Even if you believed that climate change was real but not manmade that doesn't mean that we should keep emitting 10% of the C02 and burn the amazon.

>My source is so remote that I probably dreamed about it but you should believe me instead of all the global scientific consensus.

can you quote my posts were I said such a thing?
because there are scientists that claim its a stage, just like there are scientists that talk how retarded sex transformation is. they just don't get as much stage like the others claiming the apocalipse and others calling opression.

Also IPCC provides emission models, there are four models RCP 2.6, 4.5, 6.5 and 8
RCP8 is the worst case scenario and every single junk tabloid site uses this scenario for fear-mongering
Here are the following criterias need for RCP8 to be true

>Fertility (high)
>GWP (gross world product) growth rate (low)
>Carbon intensity (high)
>GHG emissions mitigation (zero)

meanwhile the reality is

>Fertility (low to medium)
>GWP (medium to high)
>Carbon intensity (decreasing)
>Mitigation (small but increasing)

>all the global scientific consensus.
because its not you moron. just people give attention to the ones that are predicting the apocalipse.

Do the math yourself.
Usually Models on it will be stretched with other greenhouse gasses to make them work because CO2 alone can't have that effect.

The world gets warmer is undeniable but the reasons why are absolutly not clear. In fact nobody knows why.

It's pseudoscience because you're not taking real world data you imbecile

>climate change in the past happened over a couple centuries and not over thousands of years

So tl'dr, we are not experiencing a worst case scenario
Claiming that there is a global climate catashtrophe happening is 100% anti-scientific gibberish and Greta Thunberg is a literal retard

aren't carbon emission still increasing world wide?

What your made up math? Are you denying that c02 is a greenhouse gas?

the increased co2, causes higher temperatures and more water vapor

If we didn't think a worst case scenario would happen, a worst case scenario would happen as we would do nothing to lower our emissions.

>It's pseudoscience
Just shouting CLIMATE CHANGE GREENHOUSE CO2 without a single calculation with real world meassures is "science".
Actual scientific work on it are "pseudo-science".

And this is the exact issue with this whole cult. It is a cult. People believe with weird sacrifices they can change something they may not have any ability to influence at all. Just like in the past in Temples.

we aren't doing enough to avoid catastrophe even if we do avoid the worst case scenario, a good portion of the world is still fucked

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I wasn't quoting your autistic ass I was just telling you that if you believed climate change was real (ice ages) and right now that the earth is getting warmer, shouldn't we do something about it? Shouldn't we do something about the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmospheres? Instead of emitting more gases and chopping down trees you fucking dumb donkey.