Your country

>your country
>Do you agree with this man

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Yes white women fuck dogs

kill all white roastie

Why don't white men just have sex, get a job, do fun stuff and be happy?

I agree with the cat

That cat has that
>oooooo crap I'm stuck with a crying cat man.

Because they need the whole song and dance!

hi sage

That is illegal here on Jow Forums

>die wh*te girls
And wh*te boys, and wh*te babies, and wh*te old people. Just kill all wh*toids, honestly.

no thats not what i meant i didnt sage the thread

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Yes absolutely and I'm also a cat man. Fuck wh*Te fuck holes, they are all demons in the flesh.

still announced it. Announcing it regardless of saging is still against the rules.

Fuck banny, frick the tranny and fuck Froyotech.

im just surprised the media hasnt picked up, just think of the headlines they would give
>transgender gamer in the top team of Team Fortress 2

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There are so many trannies in tf2 it's not even funny. Besides, it's simple, there are no headlines regarding this freak because playing Medic is boring and requires no skill.

um this is 4channel sweaty

wrong site


yellow fever reporting in

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