Meanwhile on bizarro/int/

meanwhile on bizarro/int/

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Two American can fit in a single passenger seat

I Wish I was bulgarian

I wish I wasn't 100% Armenian

i woke up on christmas island

Italy and germany declare war on every other nations on earth an win

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a brazilian makes a decent post

I wish I could emigrate to Africa as a doctor to have welfare and womens.

just groomed a pakistani schoolgirl waheey

I surrender

I am white

i hate estonia

canada is a better country than the us

us is a better country than the canada

Hello my fellow whites

damn i love america so much, americans are the best

i love african american men

I hate finland

Straight sex...

>لماذا نعم أنا عربي كيف يمكنك أن تقول

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Guys, i think i'm attracted to girls.

hahaa XD ROMANia all Romanians are white LMAO really fucking funny retards

traps are gay