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Dearborn, Michigan edition

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>Of 12 policy ideas tested in the poll, providing government-sponsored health care to undocumented immigrants was the least popular among the broader electorate, with 62% rejecting it. In a June Democratic debate, all 10 candidates on the stage, including Messrs. Biden and Sanders, raised their hands when asked who backed the idea.


SRSLY are democrats TRYING to lose to trump? is this all posturing for 2024?? this shit makes me so mad

Yang will win

it'd be public suicide not to

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They need to pander to the Democrat fringe in order to win the primary, and only then dial it back to win the general

literally nothing wrong with giving immigrants healthcare

he won't but at least he's mostly sane
To an extent yes, but if you think Trump isn't going to blare ads with these idiots endorsing retarded policies like public healthcare for illegals to every boomer from here to timbuktu...shooting themselves in the foot

I'm gonna break like 4 days nofap

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i once did 7 days nofap

Do asexual people fap?

been having bad farts all night

wouldnt mind relocating to michigan if I could get job. Gonna rub one out to ease the pain lads.

think of mongolian titties while you do

This is not a single issue election. I've skimmed the full results of that poll and most of bernies other positions do well.

not really
americans are generally anti-higher taxes for anything
only college students and minorities are exceptions and they have low voter turn outs

well the skimming results of a foreigner sure are trustworthy. Bernie's not even going to win the dem nomination

As a west coaster, visiting the midwest was a bit surreal
Everybody looks and talks differently


which dem candidates would be able to win the general elections according to you

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John McCain won the white vote in 2008 but he still lost


you can boycot businesses, you cant boycot governments

Blocked from posting on /tv/ for making an off-topic thread
Think I'm finna catch a ban

its cause of all the cock in their mouth

Trump isn't gonna make it. Next turn will be dems.
>talks differently
Clearer, faster?

I oppose states not governments
there will be government in a anarchist society

yeah just go and boycott nestle if you don't like them! that'll teach them?

>you cant boycot governments
lmao cuck

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>yeah just go and boycott nestle if you don't like them! that'll teach them?
uh yeah?

just rubbed one out. time to sleep. Peace!


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just want to tell you canadians to stop posting jobs to ontario, california.

I live near there and fly out of/into ONT airport
I'm always afraid I'll someone end up with a ticket to canada

>living near LA


blah pipo b liek:

>who's ur daddy?
>lmao no really nigga do u gots a daddy??

You could easily boycott nestle. what the fuck are you talking about, retard? Why do we keep getting autistic eurotards in here lately?

only one that would be hard to boycott there would be Proctor and Gamble

why is there so much fate stay/FGO shit on sadpanda

I like the german(not fk) who posts here

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that's because you're both autistic far leftists

Die Linke is cringe.

Swallow the red pill and become AfD.

FK is weird but he's the only g*rmoid I've met with a sense of humor.

I’m only German on the outside.
On the inside I am part eboniX, part wisconsian and mainly Taiwanese...

Imagine owning this.
Living in the Canadian outdoors...


>your bitchy face when senpai ignores u

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This image makes me happy

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>I've met
no you haven't

bitch niggas

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>I will never get to drive a fire truck


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Um yeah we have

>Land of the free

hope you're doing well


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you can buy one

I let this Chinese MIT student rest her head on my lap during the entire long ass flight back to the motherland. Gawd, I wish my phone hadn't been FUBAR. Could have added her and probably gotten a movie theater blowjob out of it ;_____;


Hello lads. Had a 9 hr drive to Sydney today.

Lame ass
You should have just gotten a boner and she would have taken care of it just fine.

been watching takeshi's castle for the past 6 hours

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I have been to Dearborn multiple times
I just go for the food. Love the Leb restaurants...

you could have written her number on paper for later, silly zoomie

good morning guys

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i see, everyone is still sleeping

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Fk you smell like stinky tofu smelly ass nigga

you're saying that i should do something? according to google translator, zao means make
no need to be so rude, friend

never defend fk again pls

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i don't even know who's fk ._.
cute cats :3

listening to this rn:

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>Swallow the red pill and become AfD.
i vouch for this guy

Zao is short for 早安

No flex

No flex

hope y'all have a nice day today

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got 4 hours of sleep last night
I don't wanna go to the interview

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GM buds, going to let the chickens out in a few min might take a pic for you guys

Ah, the delusion


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looks like a pretty nice coop

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Thats just the pen the coop is the part with the stairs. I have to clean it today and check for eggs might post pics of it later when then grass isnt so wet

What do you feed them?

Noice, what breed? I've been considering getting a few ISA browns myself.

chuck’s feed and seed

Chicken feed is in that red feeder but i throw them food everyday. Thibgs like watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas, lettuce, kiwi. I give then dried worms for treats when i find an egg. They are free range so a lot of their food is what they find on the ground and in the woods. They eat just about anything. Saw them trying to kill another bird the other day and theyve killed mice before. You can regularl see them stomping out bugs and stuff they find. About as low maintenance an animal ive seen and theyre love bugs.

Couldnt tell ya, they arent mine im just keeping them for a week


Chickens also eat ticks so good to keep if you live in an area with lyme.

It really is peak comfy. Wish i lived out here and had chickens of my own

from the circus that the democrat candidates have been providing i feel that realistically the only way trump could lose 2020 is an economic collapse (think 08) or if conflict with iran escalates further, However for that second one it could concrete trump in for term number two like it did for bush in 04, however im not sure. Wars in that giant sand pit have left a bad taste in the public's mouth.

>We’ve finally convinced a generation of Americans to be Malthusians. According to Scott Rasmussen’s polling, nearly 30 percent of voters now claim to believe that it’s “at least somewhat likely” that the earth will become uninhabitable and humanity will be wiped out over the next 10-15 years. Half of voters under 35 believe it is likely we are on the edge of extinction.

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