Based flags

Based flags

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Is this real?


Its the provincial flags of Liberia, supposedly made with the advance software of ms paint.

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Literally just fucking colours and sometimes a boring ass symbol (stars, swastika, union jack). At least Bhutan has a fucking dope dragon.

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You listen here you cunt! Don’t you ever talk shit about the flag of Karakalpakstan again.

Speak for yourself, Norway is just a fucking cross like the other Scandanavian cuntries.
Actually, its just the danish flag with blue in it.

Thanks Japanon.

County of Coomer

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My sides

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Would honestly like the artist to make more.

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Imagine the PC that did this

This is the most African flag I have ever seen.

all of you are like little babies

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United Kingdom in style of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

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Excuse me?
did you see any of these masterpieces?Of course you didnt you stupid chink

>pic not related

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Shut up stupid dont say nothing about those arts

Nah. This is much better

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Never really liked it since stripes makes me think to the circus.

that flag always looked like a sort of mattress to me