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at least post a heterosexual couple you gay twat


miss me with that gay shit


at least make the us boy fatter

I feel like the bulgarian poster is a flaseflag designed to make everyone hate bulgaria

dont you mean to like bulgaria?


not really if anything i like them even more


at least post a yuri couple you gay twat

started loving bulgaria 3 days ago and that increases more and more by the thread

it used to be such but now hes just spamming the board then americans also spam the board which means double the spam and now no one is happy, hes just being reddit.
again hes desperately trying to take credit for a meme he didn't make.

shut up fat

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I think Bulgaria is one of the 3 countries I've never even thought aboutin my life. I can talk all day about Kyrgistan and Tanzinea but not Bulgaria

>биpюзa чaйхaнa

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>american knows about the middle east
>doesn't know about europe
not surprised desu