Why does the climate goblin ignore the fact that china is the world's largest polluter?

why does the climate goblin ignore the fact that china is the world's largest polluter?

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because america bad china good

climatequeers just cope and say the west mind controlled them into shitting up the oceans or something

Who cares about Ecco the dolphin choking on some plastic when climate change threatens us all?

We can care about both

Well what else should the climate goblin care about? Your pet subject? Nah she makes her money harping on about climate, why should she harp on about plastics in the ocean?

>jew street journal

She can't speak chonekoid

She doesn’t want to be demonized by the media as a racist

Where is India??

Chinks can't be guilt tripped into it because their government decides what they're allowed to think.

>all western countries dump their garbage in china who then have to deal with it themselves

The top 3 all process the vast majority of western garbage. Neck yourself, it's your fault

Why didn’t you just stay in China instead of moving to Australia you pathetic ricenigger

Citation needed

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This, the west ships all their garbage to thirdworld countries with leaders that they corruptly placed for their own benefit. Like when Duterte told Canadians to fuck off with sending their garbage to Flipland and they got pissed.

It's almost like a lot of shit against us is just propaganda and memes. Not saying there isn't any pollution but we are actively trying to combat that. At least in the south

How is it okay for humans to fuck the oceans like this?

That's not even related to the climate firstoid anglo cuck

i don't give a shit

what about overfishing? do you care about that?

Greta will go to China too