Women should cover up and never contact males so that chad doesnt cuck me and take all of their attention!!

>women should cover up and never contact males so that chad doesnt cuck me and take all of their attention!!

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>if you want to marry a virgin, you're an incel! Accept Chad's leftovers or your an incel freak! Have sex

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Every woman in your country including you mother is a westerner's prostitute.

>t. butthurt somali nigger

A butthurt somali nigger would have infinitely more worth than ukrainian just saying.

Western society... is built around worship of the blacks. Despite not making up more than 10-15% of the population of most countries, all the focus of modern art, music, culture, media, politics and advertising is on them. Even in European countries with historically no black population unlike the US, such as Sweden and Germany, blacks have become a commanding presence in everyday life. They are on TV screens and billboards everywhere.

People of African descent are venerated to a degree that other coloreds are not. They are so omnipotent and omnipresent that they overshadow much larger minorities, such as spics and muslims. Why do Westerners love blacks so much?

Ah yes instead they should become whores like yours right

But Ukrainanon what's wrong with being a prostitute? Don't tell me you're an incel freak that doesn't want to be cucked by western bvlls

>Me m? An incel? Lolno I'll get my 72 virgin wives at death, the Quran says so.

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no such thing as "western bvll". You retards are all soyboys or niggers

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>bro I don't need those
>I already have my 4 virgin child wives

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Jesus christ you ate pathetic as fuck. Never ever post again you sad sad Ukie

Aren't you Western?

All it takes is a passport and your mother will get down on her knees. Even soy eating Chinese bugmen can do it. Ukraine is ridden with aids and statistically every woman has had an abortion.

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nope. I'm not retarded

Stop insulting mothers man , you just look pathetic

why do you post your family photos here?

>Stop insulting mothers man , you just look pathetic

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Imagine the beast that wrote this post

Funny and entertaining thread

thanks bro. I knew people will like it