Countries no one likes

Countries no one likes.

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Rude, but fair.

your favorite country

My choice is obvious.

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I like Africa

Africa is not a country

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>Countries no one cares about

I like them.

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Normies love Brazil because they don't read murder statistics

This is very true. Nuke us please.

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I like Lithuania.

I like them.

Is that how you look like ?

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I like my country

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Based Lithuanian nationalist

Eat a dog gook


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stfu gypsy nigger

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I love them

Go post trannies and that Brazilian faggot, bozgor

stop posting with my flag and get the fuck out of my country gypsy subhuman
trips absolutely wasted

Wow what the f*ck

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Stop being a hypocrite
>t. gypo

excellent post

>t. Shithuanian Diaspora

but i love syria

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Stop with the bullying or I am going to kms

I'm French. I wish I were Slavic or Baltic. French ancestry is boring.

Saudi Arabia and North Korea.

Fancy a trade?

Muslims hate them because they're not Muslim enough. Everyone else hate them because they're Muslim. Turks can't win.

its a cute country desu

nobody likes us

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Yes desu.

Try not making your country's name a lie.

i like your flag

Japan knock-off

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i think you would easily win against lativa, all they are famous for is being car thieves

Did this flag and country even exists?

Now we're talking.

your english sure doesn't

10 years ago euros: turkey is great, baklava is great, you are secular and your economy is booming, erdogan is a great guy!

now euros: turkey bad, baklava bad, you are islamic, erdogan bad.

they just repeat what their media says.

erDOGan is bad though, you guys can be cool but he's ruining your country

he is not bad as israel/jewish diaspora for this planet.

nobody liked it

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Sure bro enjoy your """""""""economy"""""""""" and millions of Syrians lmao

We did, certainly better than living under the Tz*r

Russians lumped all of you there after partitions.

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The only way this alcoholic subhuman shithole becomes finally slightly beneficial for humanity is when we use it as free nuclear waste dump bin

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Japs drink way more than russians though.

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I guess the problem is your liquors are all too strong

>posting your own flag



no, everyone hates them because they're Turks

The main problem is underclass bydlo actually, but I don't see why it's bad, the more poor quality strong alcohol they drink, the faster they die, but they're massively spoil our statistics though.


He's correct with this one