They ruined Europe three times!

>They ruined Europe three times!

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>t. muhammed

>they tried to save Europe 3 times

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Austrian painter was based tho

I really dont see how we ruined it three times.
I mean if you are retarded you could argue the world wars though 1 was not our fault.
but why three?


why does he only have 3 fingers

Rome, they say

>He has 4 fingers. The thumb is also a finger.

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He’s Tasmanian

A couple of wars? That's not destruction! I'll show you real destruction

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first world war was mostly Austrian fault
actually the second one as well

Based. Germany never did anything wrong. Fuck anglos and fuck jews.

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Both were consequences of faulty systems of internal politics and systems of international relations, combined with a global system of imperialism that was upheld by all involved parties. It's myopic and small minded to blame the wars on any one particular country cause it's they were systemic issues.

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He wasn't German why do brainlet neo nazi Hitler worshippers keep thinking he was German

They're talking about the rapefugee crisis (caused by anglo-american imperialism, but still blamed on Germany because anglos are kikes that can't accept blame)

funny so󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he wasn't implying that

Austrians are German, it's just a region of Germany that happens to be a sovereign independent state because of historical and poltiical reasons. Saying Austrians aren't German is like saying Bavarians or Saxons or Hessians aren't German because they have their own regional identity as well.


Bavarians are not German

rome didnt fall because of us. western rome was doomed to fall anyway because the retards split the empire in the worst way possible. the western provinces aside from italy were mostly deficit regions. administration etc. costed more than they brought in in taxes. especially britain was a huge deficit region, gaul and hispania to a lesser extend.
meanwhile greece, asia minor the levant and especially egpyt were rich as fuck.
rome was extremly dependant on grain shipments from egypt especially for the grain dole wich was food welfare.
the eastern roman empire could simply hire tons of mercenaries and pay people off when needed. western rome couldnt and basically had to either fight or let the tribes settle in roman territory wich they let happen extensivly to gain them as allies.

nobody cares about the opinion of a jew.

Nobody cares about the opinion of a turk

Actually they are also blaming you for the fall of Rome, fall of Bizantium, 30 years war, WW1, WW2, refugee crysis.