Recommend me german music

So I enrolled my 6yo daughter into a german language school and I want to play to her some german music and movies as this is a fast way to improve your language skills.

Recommend me german youtube channels, music and movies that would help to learn proper german ( no niggerspeak cRap songs or weird dialects).

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Other urls found in this thread: mit der maus

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>I enrolled my 6yo daughter into a german language school
Why would you do that? So she can become the chancellor of Germany?

sendung mit der maus, should be good for learning the language aswell

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Is edgy industrial/EBM music good? It's all that the Germans are good for.

>I'm preping my daughter to get enriched

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Don't worry my friendly African flag friend, I got what you need.

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so she can have the advantage of speaking 2 foreign languages when she grows up

If you're looking for music for children, play her Rolf Zuckowski. He made some of the traditional Kid Songs everyone knows.
When I was a Kid I was really into Pirates so I listened to things like "Wir lagen vor Madagaskar" and "Kaperfahrt" by "Die Ärzte". They are a Punk Band though so not all of their Songs might be for Children.

Not necessary kids songs just good songs in german

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Nosferatu, Metropolis, Aguirre Wrath of God
As for music in German, Kraftwerk, Amon Düül II, certain songs by Faust are in German.

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just write ARD Mediathek on google and you can stream a lot of (although shitty) german movies for free, many of them even have german subtitles which helps learning

upboat to all the helpful anons

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Why the fuck are you asking for this here?

Most famous german children show is "Sendung mit der Maus". You will probably also find all astrid lindgren movies or audiobooks if you search their german name. Use wikipedia or google to translate the names. For pirated movie streaming use if your daughter wants frozen or some other stuff in german mit der maus

ppl in Eastern Europe are obsessed with raising their kids as Einsteins