No sane person would ever like the red "countries" in pic related

No sane person would ever like the red "countries" in pic related.

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I dislike all countries

No sane person would ever like the grey countries.


based sane persons

No sane person would ever like any country

Long live EVROPA

There's literally no difference between red and gray countries

Your graph is 10 years old. Goddamn nazi apologetic sprota potato fucker.

Mentally ill is a leftist dogwhistle for dangerous white male.

Seething slav(e)

central yurop and greece is cool

Slav(e)s are not white you leaf shaped communist

Not at all, just wanted to make you happy, at least for a moment. In your little Baltic reality bubble.

>central europe

My map includes the b*lto slav(e)ic countries, you literal brainlet

do they have school shootings in Canada

kys selfhating retard

money can bring out the worst in people

>a western shilling for e*stern "europe"
Kys you self hating retard

No sane person would ever like countries.

have you been there?

balkans are cosy

Shut up. Lithuanians are beautiful, tall, handsome, graceful people.

"Money isn't everything. Not having it is." In the wise words of some forgotable rapper. Anyways, moral is you're just saying that cause your country is poorer than more African countries. Loser

(But for real though your statement is right though)

It's the opposite, "mentally ill" is how they coverup the inherently violent nature of the sort of radical right politics that recently became so popular in places like this

Hey fuck you, Czech republic is cool, so is Croatia


finland is not w*st*rn

I love it here tbqh

I like Czechia
Although ive only been to Prague and not the rest of the country


>E*stern "europe"
>complete opposite

>t. 56% slavshit

Seething slavshit

>Russia is less than half as wealthy as Mississippi


why do you hate slavs so much? Slavs did something to you? Raped your mother?

apart from being his country's enemy throughout history, when they were at the mercy of the soviets people were forceably relocated to far off parts of russia and Russians settled in the baltics

I hate sl*vs because they're criminal scum who have no culture

>people were forceably relocated to far off parts of russia and Russians settled in the baltics
oh shit R*ssians did that to us as well but I don't hate every slav for that

I like Czechia, Slovenia, Estonia and Russia

because of your genes?

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shit thread
Poland is cool
Czech Republic is cool
Slovakia is cool
Balties are cuties
Croatia is cool
Greece is a mother to us all

in your photo Yakut, not the Bashkir
Yakuts - 500k ppl
Bashkirs - 1500k ppl

Bashkirs picrelated

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