Why do they call themselves Romani people when Romania is a thing

Why do they call themselves Romani people when Romania is a thing

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gypsies are unironically based


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This. And qts.

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I let her steal my seed

post a real gypsy

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I was 18 when i learnt the difference


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cant wait to get my cute ghetto gf

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they are thieves, bandits and murderers
why are you surprised they are liars as well?

Obviously you've never seen a gyppo in your entire life.

literal apes, should have remained outlaws since they've made resisting assimilation to society their "culture"

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>implying that theyre not the same thing

>they are thieves, bandits and murderers
so rusians?

left is cute

I’ve seen enough pictures.

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Pray we never cross paths.

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ok we have thousands of them want to adopt them?

those arent gyppos.

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Tbh we’d take em all. Way better than shitskins.

Yes they are.

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Your gyppos aren't the only gyppos Manne. In fact the only ones like that are in Finland and Sweden. The first time I saw them I thought they were cosplayers.

Globohomo directives and propaganda. Gypsies don't even refer to themselves as "roma", it's all external incentives to denigrate, humiliate and slander Romanians.

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they've discarded their gyppo traditions. euro gyppos would curse them and start blood feud.


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"Rom" means "human" in their Indian language

Roma (or rrom) is a term invented recently after Romania joined the Europe Union with a part of finance from Soros. The main idea was to create confusion between romanians and gypsies under the facade of inclusivity mainly throughout the Western Europe, especially in the founders states of EU (UK, France, Germany, Italy).
Since Eastern Europe has a very clear view on what gypsies are, this never really took off. Romanians still call them tigani, gypsies, crows, pigmented

Literally George Soros


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If I kill a roman person would I get arrested?



Finnish gypsies are actually Irish/Scottish gypsies that migrated to the Swedish Empire.

If we traded one European gypsy for every 30 black Americans, we would be scamming you.

Roma doesn't mean anything in any Indian language. Their genetics shows 50% India and 50% Europe genes

This, they must be the only people in romania who dont look like ugly malformed bloated hobbits.

God damn I want to steal her money so bad

makes you think OP

did you know there's this country called bulgaria full of a people known as bulgars

So you can take all of them. Are you agree?

We’d do 50 Gypsies for 1 black.

I’m on board with this.