Publish your city’s welcome stele

Publish your city’s welcome stele.

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We don't have one

Nobody is welcome, stfu

i don't think we have one
we used to have a whole ship, a schooner, as a kind of welcome stele but it burned down in the 90ss... that's a pity

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The bestest city
Although almost no one comes here by car. Once I travelled by car to Baikal and it was the suffering.

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do you actually live in Yakutsk? How is life there? Is it worth visiting?

Life there is very good. Please visit. Avoid visiting in April though, it is very dirty. I recommend visiting my favourite restaurant Masamune men'ya, Ethnographic museum and archaeology museum. And other museums, for example the permafrost museum. You can also walk into a real permafrost inside a hill. I recommend doing it in summer, when it is +30 outside and -2degrees inside

>I recommend doing it in summer, when it is +30 outside and -2degrees inside
dang, that must be intense. But yeah, if I'm to visit, I'd do it in summer, since I'm not used to cold temperatures, and I don't want to freeze to death
Actually, I'm thinking of doing a northeast asia tour. Maybe start in Siberia, and go southeast, end up in Mongolia. Is it doable though?

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this thing

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Yeah. If you should Start in Yakutsk in 20s of June so you can see the biggest national holiday. After Yakutsk you can go to south by car or maybe train, not sure if it is functioning now. There you can see Neryungri, snow caps on mountains, Chita (nothing to see there), then Buryatia republic with capital in Ulan Ude. If you want to see the lake Baikal, I recommend the west coast, or even better - Olkhon Island. East coast is just beaches, nothing of interest


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I hear Dresden can get pretty “lit”

It's alright. This is the "main" one, on highway 69 / 400 coming in from Toronto / (((Southern))) Ontario. The rest (from every other direction) are the "basic" blue city signs.

It looks really nice at night when the light hits it.

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Not as lit as Tokyo

For some weird reason they put this thing next to the highway coming from Germany. I wouldn't have the slightest clue how it's related to the city at all

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that's dope, thanks!
I hope I have the money in a couple of years to make this true.

Tы Якyт или Pyccкий?

Ruski but I belong to Asia. I don't enjoy the east of Ural, it is soulless