deano on tour edition

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Based Aussie edition


The poll tax was one of the most evil inventions ever attempted to be pushed on a population, obvious class warfare

I see why the Brits rioted and why the Tories had to dump Thatcher.

we need a pole tax now

Ahh shit the yank is larping again

Doing drugs is bad yeah, we all know, being a drug addict is bad... being an alcoholic is bad, yeah, we know, but you know what's worse than all of those combined? Being absolutely fucking nothing. Just being a NEET that does fuck all and is too much of a coward to talk to people. I experienced that in my teens so I know first hand what it was like and I am telling you if you do nothing about it then it won't just go away. So throw yourself in the deep end or regret it in old age or live miserably until you die, I don't really give a fuck and neither does anyone else. I'm telling you this from the bottom of my heart, sincerely, because some of you lads are alright, you just had no strong male role model, and you're lost, and you found escapism gamerism incelism youtubeism politicliasm but forgot about the ol' clock ticking in the corner. So do whatever you want you cunt. This is just piss in an ocean of piss.

One other thing I forgot to mention: Those things are obviously temporarily like everything is. You can only booze and drug yourself into a new you so much until something snaps, but the same applies for doing nothing and being a cretin pathetic neet too scared to walk down the beautiful street when the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

So what I'm saying is: If you are in a situation where you believe you are *fucked* (like Lachlan, for example), then just do the fucking booze, do the drugs, do the whores, then see how you feel after

poll tax was based. fuck poor pepo

essay on


niggering a suck

Dave takes one prescription pill and has to convince the world that's the only solution for everyone

dont say that word


the read

imagine if instead of "wynona's big brown beaver" primus did "wynona's big brown nigger"

Niggering a duck

why do people preorder games
why not just wait until it comes out so everyone else can confirm its actually good

stop saying that word

seems pretty yank-focused

I'm just saying: I feel somewhat sorry for you (well, not really because shit happens) but I know for a FACT that if my father wasn't there in my formative years to correct me in the way that fathers do then I would be a fuck up just like many incel neets. Thankfully he was a good role model, so was my granda, and those basically form the inner pillars of who I am and how I go about my life. If I didn't have that then I would be a putty in the hands of a YouTuber, I'd have no perspective, etc. If you don't have that inner core or whatever it is that keeps you anchored then you better start fucking finding it sharpish otherwise you're going to be blowing about all over, spineless, no grit, doing nothing, no gumption, no oomph, no lust for life.

So just buy the fucking drugs if you want change immediately, then change immediately. Every other problem can be crossed when you get to it yada yada. Just do fucking something. I'm sick of seeing young white males acting like fucking pansies many of them even becoming girls now. What the fuck is going on? Do something before this is you, and do it quickly because it's 2020 soon. Time is ticking

just ate tyrell's crisps for the first time
they were good but don't seem any different to kettle chips

who would have thought that yanks are responsible for most misconceptions
they really are human oxen

Also: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unusual_deaths

Wondered this meself

Can the police find discord post history and Jow Forums post history

never knew a father's love and guidance was capable of propelling someone to the heights of lecturing others who don't care on Jow Forums

They don't call me GCHQ Doug for nothing

mental how other languages are so reliant on using grammatical terminology when teaching children how to speak
honestly couldn't tell you what the difference was between a preposition and a pronoun because nobody's ever taught me to know or care

unless you killed someone they won't go through the effort of doing so


Another thing people do is say: "Oh I tried reading it didnt work" but they tried fuck all. They skimmed 5 pages and turned world of minecraft back on. If you had no strong male role model growing up then you better be reading some good shit every single day of your life or you are unironically fucking doomed. Your new daddy is the weatherman and his forced smile every morning ya dig

So yeah, get fucked up if need be, it's only temporarily and you might learn something, and you never know... you might like it.

pre-order bonuses, but they usually aren't even good


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What if I'm joining

you have to admit that if the nazis had invaded england in 1940 the world would be much more based

What, I was taught those in primary school lad?

mental how europeans actually think brits considered themselves european

My father taught me to take no shit from anyone and stand uo should've back head held high, no apologies ever, no matter what. It worked for him, so I'm going to listen to the man. My genetics is the same more or less, he just has 40+ years more experience of living with a brain similar to mine. Usually he's right

BIG if there, I don't think there was a point in the war where they could have done it

jog on mate guarantee you don't know what a preposition is nobody does

i got a vpn because of the way shits going
express so pretty unlikely to be fucked over. not that i am an alt right hackerman in any way or whatever

What's even more mental is how gay continentals are

don't have to admit that at all nor can you make me

doing a throat cancer

first they came for the niggers and there was nobody left to speak for me

good post, me neither

reckon there should be a one of nation wide pole and tax and the funds use to mass conscript 18-20 year old women which aren't fat into government provided gf service

Don't need a vpn as I am too based for one
Death to america
Death to israel
A curse upon the jews

genuinely can't remember a single fucking thing i was taught in primary school
i might as well not have even gone

Oh dear. Remainers absolutely fucking rekt yet again. I imagine Carole Cadwallhr is shitting her pants right now.


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The deano shack

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so true
all I remember of my early formative education was that time someone took an immense poo and it blocked the toilet for 48 hours

Yeah I'm not actually a big racist or anything, I've never mistreated someone due to the colour of their skin or background (unless it's a posh tarquin twat) But I do drop the ol' N bomb from time to time because it's just a word I find funny

going well so far

mostly remember learning about colonial Australia
the Sydney landings and the Eureka stockade and that

you're legitimately not wrong
t. started school in grade 9 and got an atar 80

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Based. Learning at school is for dickheads.

imagine actually living in one of these grim cookiecutter doghouses
would rather be homeless

mental how 99% of the world's problems are in the northern hemisphere

i pissed myself in the middle of class in year 1 cause the toilets at school stunk so bad

You lads are right about primary school, but secondary school didn't even teach too much tangibly except perhaps how to do more sophisticated essay writing.

A lot of things I know about the world, history, science, etc are self taught or learnt anecdotally outside of school

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The perfect deano garden

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this is so fucking grim
thought about buying a new video game today but they now retail for $90, the world has gone to the dogs

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like the look of bums but don't want to penetrate them or lick the hole

No school like the school of life and the academy of hard knocks

weeds in there

At least they're not $120 anymore remember that?

essay writing fucks me up the wall tbf
that's why i cringe so hard at youtube videos that call themselves "video essays"

Works for me more or less. I'm not unhappy or dissatisfied how an incel neet runt might be. Anyway, whatever, do as you will do, I was just saying there are things you can't see until you've experienced other things. Like the hill I mentioned.

>Ye are most strong, ye Sons of the icy North, of the far East, far marching from your rugged Eastern Wildernesses, hither-ward from the gray Dawn of Time! Ye are Sons of the Jotun-land; the land of Difficulties Conquered. Difficult? You must try this thing. Once try it with the understanding that it will and shall have to be done. Try it as ye try the paltrier thing, making of money!

good lad

this is the bottom line on bums

school isn't about the actual content anyway because you'll forget most of it anyway.
It's more about training your brain to think in a more productive way. Like how you probably can't remember many actual formulas from school but you're still much more able to do maths because you've done it in class before.
History doesn't teach you a massive amount of wide history but fuck doing stuff with a proper method is good for your critical thinking and argument building.

school's just there to waste your time while mum gets a job and goes back into the workforce

remember like 2010-2013 when the dollarydoo was worth more than USD haha what was that like

Good point,
That and socialisation

the schuality of man

anyone who disagrees is chinese

fuck steam games were cheap


can't blame high school for that you were probably checking out peng school girls

Face the facts rorke. Old /brit/ hated white people and didn’t believe in nation states. You’re the outsiders here.

try this

walked out of school in the middle of year ten and never looked back
I'm a better man for it

I happen to be the only australian here who speaks french so this is actually very based
thanks lad

miss sitting on msn all afternoon waiting for the crush to come online and then proceeding to not talk to her

went to university where they taught me the secret maths

I did well in school just saying when I look at the sum of my knowledge I can point to a lot more that was learnt outside of school than in, in fact secondary school had quite a narrow focus.

One thing I do remember is doing Shakespeare every year in English and re-learning the Dreamtime and Aboriginal religion every year for some reason as well. The NSW syllabus was pretty incoherent in the Aboriginal stuff

alternatively, try growing up

this except I'd talk to her and be feeling an adrenaline rush the entire time

i learned literally nothing when i was in school
absolutely bugger all
i mean i learned to read better in the first couple of years but that was about it

do we have mong accents in french?
kind of want to learn french because doing shit in Africa is probably my only hope of any employment with an international relations degree without connections

Last thing the boomer sees before the gamer takes him

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miss obnoxiously bothering the crush in class, thinking it was an acceptable way to get her attention

Mental, what did you do afterwards?
Did all my school dating in year 11 and 12

dunno I go on /fr/ occasionally but the few times I've posted spoken stuff nobody's noted anything on the accent

School was just a pub but without the drinks

It really were the best of times

learn chinese

Friend of mine since school is moving to South Australia, a little town not far from Adelaide

What can you Aussies tell me about that state / area?

Reminiscing on MSN now cause of that one lad's post

Imagine if we had our own group chat back then aha

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