The most famous italian woman ever lived worshiped by zoomers is of pure lombardic stock

>the most famous italian woman ever lived worshiped by zoomers is of pure lombardic stock
immagine being short hairy terrona and cope with this

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poor bait


Terrone > Polentone

Red haired Italian here with blonde mother, we are still Italian. Italians are white. My northern European admixture would be minimal.

That op woman looks Italian what with the Roman nose

imagine being proud of being kraut-nigger rapebaby

>never heard of her
>17.4m insta followers

>most famous italian woman

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>tfw no italian gf to become the mamma of your bambini


>of pure lombardic stock
Her grandparents are Sicilian you dumb fuck.

she's half sicilian you fucking retard



Ok, retard.

>mom is siclian
>fake blonde
>marries a terrone
the absolute state of "white" polentoni lmao
thank god you're getting replaced as we speak

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Stop being so anoying, you literally have the best women in the world.

They even celebrated the marriage in Sicily

Most famous italian woman is mona lisa, is it not?

french :D

I don't get her. I saw her shoes, and they are terrible. She actually seems like a nice person?!

She reminds of another brazilian "fashion blogger", wich seems to have all the connections, and dreadful style.

Bianca Balti, and Chiara Schelsi are drop dead gorgeous wearing potato sacks. Giovanna Battaglia has sense of style for two incarnations. Even Miss YouTuber, Marzia, who have such mischeveous eyes and seems like a terrible person, has a great taste for shoes and dresses.

I guess she is just quite palatable.

Oh, she's french ? Learnt a new thing today.

I thought Gioconda was italian too?!?!

of course is father is a nothern
how can any women touch a terrone lmao

>Fedez was born in Milan (15 october of 1989), but he grew up in Buccinasco.[4] His family was from Castel Lagopesole, province of Potenza
how does it feel to be BTFO this hard OP?

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>That op woman looks Italian what with the Roman nose
The one on the right is a different woman, Gisele Bundchen.

>OP BTFO this hard
the absolute state of polentoni


literally who

yet her son looks like this
weak terrone genes btfo

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lmao at you
he probably did only for popularity
she is a buisness woman

is child has blonde hair and blue eyed so it most likely she cucked him

also a manlet

>he probably did only for popularity


cope of the highest order. She fucks her every night while you post this kind of thread on an Anonymous mongolian breastfeeding forum. Seethe more.

That's not the most famous Italian woman worshipped by zoomers...

lmaoying at you, op

by italian zoomers she is

did she reach her when they fuck since he is so short

no joke aside she has been impregnated by someone else

she's half terrona and married a terrone. You just can't deal with this fact: you've been BTFO. I'll leave you alone in your pathetic attempt to win this argument. Goodbye.

Babies are always lighter dumb groid. Most Europeans who are blonde as babies, are brown haired by adulthood. If the genes were weak there would be more blondoids in the country than vice versa. Swarths outnumber blondoids specifically because of dominant genes

germanic rape baby

>they don't know that northern italy has been inhabited by germanic tribes for centenaries
Lmao@ your education shitskins.

The most famous Italian women are
1) Monica Bellucci
2) Sophia Loren
3) Carla Bruni

Not enough to make an ethnic dent, Northwestern France may cluster closer to Germs, Northern Italy does not son.

Yes it did, tribes to the north raped thru the region along with expansion of the roman empire and just general mixing and it's why you see a prevalence of blue eyes and blonde hair in the region. Real Italians should look like Salvini not like the girl in the OP

I can't say I blame her. It's cool to be on the internet and talk about how master raceful blonde hitler youth are. I've done it myself, but then you go the beach, and you see some dark hunk like pic related, and all blonde men just become invisible. Why does this happen? why are blondes so awesome online but then irl I can't resist med temptation? what is this witchery?

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Fuck Southrons

Except no it didn't because Northern Italy literally overlaps with Spain and not a single German country not even Austria so try again. Germanic tribes left very little genetic imprint on Italy, only vastly German part of Italy is the actual part of Italy full of actual Germans, Tyrol.

do you realize that north italy is always being full of germans even in the last 100 years and the people who lives there look in no way different than austrians and french?

You're arguing your feels, i'm arguing genetic fact matey. If they were "germans" they would cluster with Germanic groups, spoiler alert, they don't.

lmao so what are nothern italians then?
they were litteraly celtic before the romans and being litteraly inhabitated by only germanics tribes until today
trentino is still speak german as second language

They're partially Germanic it doesn't take much to bleach a med, even 15% might give him blue/green eyes

genetic takes in example southers so the results are mixed
big cities are full of southerners

Will terrone mass convert to Islam to return to their roots?

Moron north italians are celtic/med mixes exactly like iberians thats why there is a connection between the two. Light features don't instantly make someone germanic otherwise most slavs/russians would be germanic. Finns are vastly blonde haired and blue eyed even moreso than most germanic counties and they have nothing to do with germancis lmao

>most famous
outside of italy

Terrones are more Italian than northerners, the moor rapes are mostly memes. Germanic rapes were much more significant

t. Anthony Siciliano

This, retards think blondism is a german only trait lol.

you are totaly retard
open a book and looks how just until 100 years ago most of the territory austria


>north italy is le germanic
Not even Germanic enough to cluster with the mutt French. Try again

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Opposite, I have more German blood than Italian despite both parents immigrating from Florence and I have green eyes and light brown hair

Miriam Leone ciao

Monica Bellucci is probably the most famous Italian woman desu

Keep in mind the Portuguese are called niggers, but North Italy is the only part of Italy that overlaps with the Portuguese and Spanish lol


>it doesn't much to bleach a med
Sounds like a rule you pulled from your ass. Steven Strait, half English, half Italians. Looks full Italian

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