Countries that everyone likes

countries that everyone likes

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Gays please stop obsessing over Eesti. Estonia is for straight sex only.

No. Estonians are pure evil. I am not memeing. Have you ever met one in real life? They are violent. They are literally traumatizing.

dude are seriously still obsessing over that?

Bravo Eesti


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true :)

For fucks sake, grow up. Just because some random retarded diaspora that didn't even grow up here was mean to you one time you will hate everyone from the country that persons parents were from.
I'd get it if it was some haitians killing your mom or something like that but you're just pathetic. Sorry that some bitch was mean do you but you don't have to generalize others for it, I bet you wouldn't be this autistic about it if that person was from america or something.

Arrogant stuck up little shits

what country is that?

I like you too :3

>No. Estonians are pure evil. I am not memeing. Have you ever met one in real life? They are violent. They are literally traumatizing.

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Are they Nordic?


no one knows... is big time mystery

Yes, we wuz vikangz.

>Are you seriously still obsessing over being raped and physically assaulted?

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They are Russians/slavs.

It grew up in Estonia.

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Sorry but did they find any Estonian DNA in Vikings from Gotland, Uppsala and Sigtuna?
I don't think so
only Finns and Scandinavians were Vikings

Diaspora is still diaspora and you're still autistic to project your anger on a fucking country and not the person

Jow Forums only confirms my suspicions about Estonians. None of you ever make any nice, entertaining, or informative posts. I have never seen it.

>They are literally traumatizing.

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It turns out that populations that commit violence frequently tend to be undesirable.

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>being raped

Yeah, when you're practically a child, nothing you can do to get away from it.

Can someone tell me the story of this Canadian poster? he is rape by Estonian?

No. No one else needs to hear about it. I have posted about it enough times.

This is the first time I've seen your kind of autistic obsession on this website for the 10 years I've been here. Literally go back toreddit.

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>tfw no eesti bf to rape you

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I "autistically obsess" over other things too. This isn't the sole thing I post about. I've been here for 2 years myself.

come on, one more time couldn't hurt
tell me your story and i'll be the judge if Estonia is a cunt or not


Yes, it could hurt. I am already upset at seeing this thread and being reminded.

Why are Finnic peoples always so spiteful? Why do you act like this? Do Finno-Ugrics lack humanity?

Tell us how Estonian guy fuck your tight boypussy

That's not how it happened.

Your tight throat then

Why are you so butthurt?

That's not how it happened either. You wouldn't understand. This isn't funny and you really aren't helping me to come to a better view of Finno-Ugrics. You always respond this way.

high IQ

I see it must be like that
>literally rape

We weren't part of viking culture but it is known that vikings were afraid of Finns as we raided their villages at some point but we also traded and waged war on their side and there seem to have been some peace treaties among vikings, rus, finns and finno-ugric people as many cities were originally established as trading places.

its a gay canadian so the estonian probably beat his gay ass in elementary school or smt

how did you get rape than i want to know
did your butt got penetrate? did someone force you to perform sexual act? handjob? blowjob?

One a day ama going to Malta to picka ‘otel.
In da morning I goa down to eata da breakfast.
I tella da waitress “I wanna 2 pieces of toast.”
She bringsa only 1 piece.
I tell her “I want 2 piece.”
She tells me to go to the toilet.
I say “you no understand, I wanna 2 piece on my plate!”
She say “you better not piece on the plate, you soon of a beech!”
I don’t even know the lady, an she call me a soon of a beech!
Later I go to eat at a the biggera restaurant.
The waitress brings me a spoon and a knife, buta no fork.
I tell her “I wanna the fork!”
She tell me “everybody wanna fork!”
I tell her “you no understand. I wanna fork on the table.”
She say “you bettera not fork on the table you soon of a beech.
I go back to my room ina hotel and there is no sheets on the bed.
I call the manager and say “I wanna sheet!”
He tells me to go to the toilet.
I say “you no understand, I wanna sheet on the bed.”
He says “you bettera not sheet on the bed, you soon of a beech!”
I go down to a checkout and the man at the desk saya “peace on you!”
I saya “peace on you too, you soon of a beech!”
I’ma going backa to Italia!

What happened? Sounds hot

we weren't vikings, we raided vikings

Vikangz feared finnic shaman too much to allow onboard.

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I'm not gay.
I don't want to describe it. Forget I ever posted on this thread. Hide my posts, if you will.
It's not hot.

It was his moms estonian woman friend who diddled him and verbally abused him that's what I remember from his ramblings. You can search archive for ca flag and estonian I think. I personally think he should really find some other place to channel his shit.

damn, that’s really hot after all


Hot, I wish he was raped for real tho

You forgot the part where she attacked me with a mace spray for no good reason. I did not even threaten her.
Please, stop. I like you, Lithuania. You are not like this.

Why are Finns so evil and sociopathic?

Lose virginity to milf at young age and didn't got rape by a dude. Not that bad.
Thought he got penetrated in the butt by some hairy fat smelly old Estonia dude or something

No. It is bad. Fuck you feminists and your support of sexual assault of males.

>No. It is bad. Fuck you feminists and your support of sexual assault of males.

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I don't like them

Why are Finns psychopathic?

.t shizo

Based and redpilled

Why Canadians such soyboys?

That's funny coming from an unironic male feminist.

Now try to find which ones they were referring to as both finns and samis were largely shamanistic, nomadic, hunter gatherers and forest people at the time.

It's a pure fact confirmed by genetic studies that there Finns in Viking age Scandinavia and a lot of them. They weren't slaves like Brits but migrants.
Swedes used to have a open arms/open legs policy towards Finns before they invented Nazism in the 1800s.

Too much for soy new worlder

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You shouldn't be calling others soy when you are a male feminist.

the fuck you on about?

You are supporting the feminism-inspired actions of a feminist against a man, and, as any other feminist would do, you support female-on-male rape because it, in your mind, empowers women and brings upon equality.

What's your diagnosis lad?

t: Other

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autism probably

Listen, I'm not telling you to just get over it. By the way that you're acting that isn't happening anytime soon. I'm just asking you to stop judging an entire country over a single person who you had a shitty experience with. If you want to talk about it or something else then I can talk with you.

This is the first nice & reasonable post I have ever seen from an Estonian.

There are some estonian flags on this board who aren't autistic Jow Forums crossboarders, believe me. Jow Forums isn't really mainstream over here, but I've had enjoyable and entertaining conversations with other estonians on this board before and I know you can stop having prejudice towards people you don't know too.

Sometimes when I see the flag here I am reminded. It really sucks. I know I shouldn't be acting this way and I know it's not logical but I can't seem to control it. Just now I felt that pain in the chest that one gets when they are about to cry, though nowadays I am physically unable to cry. It actually seems like the feeling gets worse over time, not better.

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all those island nations in the pacific

Do we count as an island nation in the pacific? We're a bunch of islands though.

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>worse over time, not better.
Stress disorders get better over time
Except PTSD which gets worse over time (without treatment)
Get professional help


I went to a therapist before - for other reasons; this particular issue hadn't really become particularly noticeable at that time. It just wasn't my thing.

Yeah, it's pretty much impossible to rewire your brain to think differently about things like that on your own. As a kid I had cancer, I still remember that at the first doctor's visit the local small town doctor told my parents that there's nothing they can do and that I was pretty much dead,I was almost a make a wish kid at one point but miraculously the chemotherapy worked and I survived and even without any side effects. I know this because I was pretty much under a magnifying lens for years after.
But despite that later on in life I started feeling guilty for getting away like that. I started thinking "why me?" and I started feeling like I wasn't living my life to the fullest for the opportunity I was given, I felt like shit and avoided other people for years until high school. And now I think that I was so stupid to think that way. I managed to change my way and I'm good now but the feeling of not being worth to exist is still there for me, luckily I don't associate it with anything so there's no way to "trigger" it. But yeah, seek professional help this. Browsing int to "get used to" estonian flags isn't going to make you think differently.

To end off here's some estonian music old and new, maybe you'll change your opinion on us someday: &

This is why shithuanians are subhumans

My uncle served in Estonia for couple of months in the soviet times. He absolutely hates Estonians and says all of you are dumb nazi cunts.

How did you change your way like that? Did you see a therapist? Did you take medication?

My idea was that I would try to replace bad memories associated with certain "triggers" with good ones. Coming to Jow Forums was a little disappointing in that regard, because almost all Estonian posters have been apparently rude and undesirable. Not you though. I'm sorry I said those bad things about you. I really am. Anyhow, when I saw a professional therapist for a few weeks once before, I didn't really like it and didn't feel like he helped me any.

I think I do like the second song a bit.

>soviet times
Found your problem, plus he was probably a dick himself like most soviet soldiers. Soviet soldiers literally thought that there was an estonian woma sniper battalion in afghanistan that was shooting soviet soldiers and disturbing supply lines and that's why they lost.

>plus he was probably a dick himself
Well, he told me that he started to talk loud, straight and in a rude tone after he saw that Estonians ignore you and act like they didn't hear anything with anyone who was not Estonian, espacially if you had a soviet army uniform.

>scarred for life from having a heterosexual experience

All is still right in the world.

I never really got completely over it because I never seeked help and that's why most of my adolescence I wasn't very outgoing and only hanged out with friends from pretty much kindergarten. The school psychiatrist did contact me but I never visited her more than once because I felt like it didn't to anything and overall just a waste of an hour when I could've gone home. I kinda just stopped caring about it later on, it does sound dumb but that's how it was. I'm not a qualified person to talk about these things though and I really don't want to give you some kind of wrong advice because I don't want you to get any worse.

That was not funny.

Thank you. You have actually lightened my mood a bit.

What is your name? I mean, only your first name. If you're comfortable with sharing that, of course.

So he was being rude. Estonians are notorious for seeming cold to foreigners and keeping to themselves I think that's why our russian minorities feel like they're being oppressed. Also do you really think estonians were happy about being in the ussr and having soviet soldiers from every corner of their vast country there?

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Sounds like a fun time