Does the concept of being modest, wholesome, and conservative even exist in Europe anymore?

Does the concept of being modest, wholesome, and conservative even exist in Europe anymore?

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For majority of people, yes.

most europeans are horrendously poor. They have no other choice but to be modest


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Fuck off. I've been to the bible belt, none of these dumb fucks was wholesome or modest.

very, very rare
expecially in the younger generations


Poorfags are actually the least modest and conservative.

The American ideal of what is conservative and traditional is a 1950's construct, and even your conservatives are notorious degenerates

>accuses others of degeneracy

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In America, it's a mix of religious zealot (that obviously rapes his daughter) and values traditions (like raping daughters) and old buildings (XIX century buildings erected by fellow daughters rapists).

Also make moneys ofc. So basically Trump and Epstein are the prototype of wholesome conservativism.

Found your picture, senorita.

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Russia is modest, wholesome, and conservative according to Jow Forums

Why, yes, it does.

There are for example green parties in most (every?) European country that are very concerned regarding the conservation of our environmental values.

Does the concept of being modest, wholesome, and conservative even exist in the whole world anymore?

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this, it boggles my mind how this myth still persists even though being a pr*le correlates so strongly to teen pregnancy, drug addiction, STDs etc

The rich are degenerate as well since they have the means to indulge their vices. It's really the middle class folk who are the least degenerate.

More than in America


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more than in fame-obsessed USA

It is. They wholly conserve the old traditions of raping daughters, drinking oneself to death and getting oppressed by a mafia state they revere.

Truly the Third Rome.


Unlike you, we don't pretend to be puritans

At least Eastern Europeans are not modest but rather vain and shallow

Nor do we, but w/e.

What about the US now?

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I'm conservative but megalomaniac
modesty is gay

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No, that is why we import people form the middle east to bring it back.

>age of consent is 18
>adult age is 21 is a lot of states
>all swear words are systematically censored on TV
>US-based companies censor women's nipples
>no we don't pretend to be puritans

>NOOOOOOO you can't drink that beer in public!!!! Put it in a paper bag AT ONCE!

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>woah the F-word, bewbs so kewl XD
I was 13 once too.

Does the concept of being smart even exist in America?

>no no no I need to CENSOR bad words as I am a God-FEARING "man"!!!!

It does. Stupids are those who ask for financing to buy a cell phone lmao