Why do white people believe everything science tells them?

The blacks are skeptical (many are brought up in Christianity or adopt Islam) likewise Hispanics. The Muslims take the science they need and the science that can be correlated with the Qu'ran but they do not take science as infallible and the life motto for the world. Native Americans don't give a shit and continental Indians are not exactly lining up to espouse the virtues of nihilistic atheism.

Perhaps East Asians and white people are the only 2 groups who want a scientific dictatorship. Your whole countries and lifestyles are based strictly on what science says. And anyone who has a distrust of science is seen as an opponent who needs to be vilified and bullied until he comes on board with the scientific overlords.

Why are you against any form of religious indoctrination or religious extremism but completely fine with scientific indoctrination and extremism? If I want my children taught the Qu'ran (or even the Bible if i'm Christian) who are you to tell me that's wrong? Because some man with a fancy title and a white jacket said i shouldn't? Fuck your smug, fashionable disdain for religion.

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>Why do white people believe everything science tells them?

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Nice blogpost, paki.

>everyone who opposes a scientific dictatorship is a Paki

Nice logic, Torsteg

Though not surprising coming from a Pagan Finn. Go worship Odin.

I will be the Devils lawyer and say that your translations are wrong. . Like completely wrong , you said people means linear path Tier wrong


قَوْمًاحَتَّىٰ إِذَا بَلَغَ مَغْرِبَ الشَّمْسِ وَجَدَهَا تَغْرُبُ فِي عَيْنٍ حَمِئَةٍ وَوَجَدَ عِندَهَا

إِذَا=reach (point)
غ ر ب=disspear (low light) *like maghrib is mean dawn*
الشَّمْسِ=The Sun
عَيْنٍ=hole (alike)
حَمِئَةٍ=(that) dark
وَوَجَدَ=and found
عِنْدَهَا=deviating (transgressing)
قَوْمًا=linear/straight path

arab dont have 1000iq to understand it

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verse is not complete, the next is "dul qarnayn" like something divided from a pair, or something-something connected. I cant read arabs lol.

>Why do white people believe everything science tells them?

We don't. One of the main ideas behind science is "question everything".

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In school and in western media you are taught to worship science just like a devout evangelical would worship christ. its infallible at this point and if you disagree with ANYTHING holy science claims you will simply be excommunicated

Absolute retard
قوم means people in this verse context , it can mean straight or straighten , but in this context it means people , don't they teach you translation in school ?

>Conclusions made after years of research? Meaningless.
>But my book from 2000y ago holds unquestionable truth.

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You have to go back, Pakistard

Because science is useful.

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>non religious aphorism meant to make you reflect on a commonly occuring hubris, not meant to be technically accurate
>vulgarized science from science vulgarization eceleb, technically accurate if vague

Literally none wants a scientific dictatorship, there is no scientific indoctrination or extremism. The only ones going ape shit about science if someone disagrees are non scientists with no understanding of science.

heres the "context" if it means people, the popular translation:
>"Until, when he reached (the) setting place (of) the sun, he found it (the sun?) setting in a spring (of) dark mud, and he found near it a community"

What?? why dont use the "i love science" sense because it much more readable and in fact, BH exist duh.

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>scientific dictatorship
I laughed. 10/10

But science tells us why you are an inbred shitbrained animal. Why should we give up on the methodology which clearly tells us who our enemies are

kys retard

>scientific indoctrination and extremism?

>What you say is wrong, and here's why.
>Thank you for showing the flaws in my argumentation.

>What you say is wrong, and here's why.
>You are being insensitive to my religion and what I believe in, I'm going to X()=/"§$ you.

You have a false notion on what science is.
Sure, extract the good from Islam.
>scientific indoctrination and extremism

False dillema 101