This is a public library in Sweden

This is a public library in Sweden

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But why?

This is the swedish public transport

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Comfy :3

is that the history section?


It is the dildo section. What are you blind?



No, the history section is this

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Lmao sweden suck dick

Why did the Finn cross the road? He didnt because finland doesnt have any roads because it is a third world country that is total shit!

>I'll take this dildo and one of those porn magazines please
>AAAHH HNGG.. yes here's my library card

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No, he did it so he can advoid invading someone else personal space.
But u did it so suck le penis lol

10/10 post

Those look extremely painful
Can someone confirm

I will ask my sister


She told me to fuck off and called me bad names :(

Id hate to see what the cinemas are like

That's sad , thank you for trying tho

so they loan them out to people?

Are you cute Slovenian twink ?



What do you mean



What's the best one for bagina?

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you are a faggot

the dragon dildo ofc

This is a Swedish "human"

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Wich one in the pic?

It's sweden. I'm not surprised.

Sweden gay :DDDDDDDDDD it's true :DDDD

the one that looks like it hurts the most

idk many of them look like bad boys

It's true, every public library in sweden has a special dildo section, it's very empowering for the people.

Why you lying?

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Why you suck penis XD

>dildo gardens
wtf Sweden why do you do this

Well yes, they do look like my penis, how could you tell?

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Why are brazilians to obsessed with Europeans?

They are made of silicone which is very soft. There's people stuffing these things but twice as big up their holes and they are fine.

Thank you for information
Doesn't the butt lose elasticity when you insert big things tho ?

If it's really big then probably. The thing is that you can stretch out both anus and bagina carefully so that it won't get loose unless it's really extreme. Basically: if it hurts, you're doing it wrong and you're damaging tissue (that's why it hurts) and if you damage too much tissue it becomes loose. But some people are into pain so they basically damage themselves on purpose which is retarded

Thank you German fren , i always wondered about this but was too imbaressed to ask

You're welcome fren being a degenerate is my job as a German after all


This is a public library in Brazil

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This is the Brazilian public transport

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If you insert glass jars yes

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>No Horsecock too be found

Based sis

Wait, then why are the books in English?

Because they are cucks for the English language.


Zoological department I assume?