Countries no one cares about

countries no one cares about

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I like your kvass
I tried it from different brands all over EE and they're all shit compared to Latvian one

e4 e5 Nf3 f5?!

i care about Austria

I care about you Latvia senpai. You are a precious cinnamon bun.

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Latvian aesthetic is kino

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it is kino. it remind me of Stalker

I care about Latvia.

I want to see about becoming an English teacher in Latvia.

I care about your country. I don't want you guys to give up! A better future starts with you. You can only control your own actions, so be an example of true progress in honesty, grit, and achievement!

Based fellow self hating b*lto sl*v

I always played as Lithuania in the Medieval 2: Total War campaigns. Fuck the Teutonic Knights.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, brown nose them some more why don't you larper

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XD >asian education lol thats latvia stupid

t. shit taste "muh german heritage" burger

that has nothing to do with it, paganism is a disease

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Says the religion that literally spreads like a disease.

apparently someone did

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man spreads sin like disease

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That retard did it for Europe IIRC

i went there, and i want to stay there.

I swear the soviets tried to make it as ugly as possible in order to make the balts off themselves

home :)

for me it's

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I care about Latvia