most powerful race edisyon

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a single pinoy could sink Chinese aircraft carrier

are you the sexpat or actual thai?


based. there was that asian american sexpat that was posting under thai flag so I was just making sure

China are friendly to corrupt politicians.. The modus is simple:

Target a country led by a corrupt regime - African countries, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and yes, the best country in the solar system, the appointed land of the son of a god, Philippines.

Then, offer them loans with commision or tongpats for the corrupt leader

Then, impose heavy penalties and interest so the country cannot pay off.

Then put sovereign rights as collateral to the loan.

At the end of the day, PH and its people cannot pay up the loan, China takes over certain island and territory of PH, and Duterte will retire in China along with his family. (doing what MArcos did).

to prove my point: PS -its not fake news.




pengen cewek toket gede

If you are going to make another thread rep*rt the other one and let the moods decide which thread stays.

I rarely see other Thai here
where are my people?

>No mustard greens
Jesus christ, the selection of vegetables in this country

Reeee, why are my asian girls in asia so fucking cute bros...

I fucking hate asian american women. They have the worst part of being an asian and they aren’t as cute as the white girls...

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get out of my country faggot

They can't take Moro


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Weebros!!! let's do our part

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I'm just gonna say it again. The final goal is RUU KPK (passed already), RUU minerba, RUU pertanahan, and RUU KTK. RKUHP is nothing but a diversion.

so let's do nothing.

Wtf Ahegao camo exist in Indo all along.
where to procure this? I wanna go innawoods while wearing that for the lul

so let's fuck UwU



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>most powerful race
cmon guys we know its none of us

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you fucking retard how fucking dare you
I should fucking kill you, dirty blasphemer.

the title of the most powerful race in /asean/ should be bestowed to the only country who never been colonized by outsider


"The PET has Rule 65 which, in effect, tells the protestant to pick from his list of disputed areas three pilot provinces where the worst cheating allegedly occurred – and if he fails to gain significant recovery of lost or stolen votes in the recount-revision in those areas, the protest is dismissed."

We're waiting, SC.

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Yeah just checking and auditing the branch and subsidiary company there also supervising my personal business if somehow i've got thrown up from this god forsaken company

Jokowi turun dari presiden sebelum di lantik

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.....then amin become our president.

Am i the only one enjoying all of this? This remind me of 1998 and suddenly i feel young again.

You wish, Kampret

Mahasiswa lose though.
I want to see where Mahasiswa win again

>old enough to remember what happen in 1998
get off Jow Forums grandpa

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I guess so.
In 98 I was only a wee lad, didn't know what's happening

>go on big black cock carousell while in college and then marry cuck chink millionaire when she's done

life is a just so easy for her

>RUU KUHP, Penyimpan Foto/Video Porno Dihukum 4 Tahun Penjara!!
fuck off

>no sudden inflation
>no market crash
>no plunder and chaos
>just normal student gathering
This is just like SBY era where Mega supporters went full ape whenever he raise gas prices

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Kagaklah, Jusuf Kalla dulu, belom selese yang sekarang.

More like 10.

Ini mah udh dari dulu 2008 bang

Real talk. Does anyone actually get jailed for this ?
Im talking about common citizen btw. Not famous people.

Ya kagak ada lah. biasanya yg begini cuma buat ngejatohin orang terkenal. bodo amat Joko si pegawai bank punya bokep.


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Im just curious. I have a friend who stores and shares porn and sometimes getting money for it. Should i report it, anons ?

You should when the time is right.

boleh2 aja kalo mau

Nah im not a snitch

Di Indonesia itu sebenernya boleh ngapain aja, asal jangan bikin ribut.

That's what you say now, the future might be different.

Imagine living in a country where PORN is WORSE than DRUGS

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It is though. Fuck coomers.

cringe junkie

>Doing drugs

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Both are bad, kafir.

cringe coomer
drugs are fun and good for social events. porn is for losers that can't have sex.

This will be the best outcome

Theres nothing wrong for being kafir.
Fuck religion.

Are you so boring that you need drugs to socialize

Yep, why mad when he calls you kafir though, if you don't think it's bad.
Are you like niggers who implies that being nigger is bad hence they hate it when people call them nigger?


Kafir is what we call people without religion though.
Just like Ahli Kitab for Christians.

>worse than drugs
It should be the other way around. A coomer can be treated by giving him a waifu whereas a druggotard enables the formations of cartels that will be the ones who will most likely be rounding up people by threat of force to work on the poppy/coca fields or to be used as drug mules.

Whenever an user relapses into being a coomer, his waifu will be there to keep him in check. OTOH, a druggotard that relapses will just go back to whomever it is that sells drugs, ergo giving more power and resources to the illegal drug kingpins who run the show.

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I don't NEED drugs to socialize, but doing drugs with your friends is fun. you won't know if you've never gotten high with your friends.

fuck off du30

Our situation is reversed here.
Porn is worse than Drugs

The fun is now, the suffering will come later. I've had friends that said it wasn't addicting but ended up doing stupid things to satisfy the need to shoot up only to ruin their lives forever. You don't have to listen to my advice though, I'm just a boring old user who don't do drugs.

Watchu' sayin' reverse polan?

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lmao ever heard of moderation? you're not supposed to do drugs every day, save it for special occasions.

Sure, it always starts like that. But in the end you just can't stop. It's kinda like 4chins, you're here forever.

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redpill me on chindians

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how do you know if you've never had drugs yourself? people that get addicted are dumb and should never have done it in the first place. same with cigarettes.

It's in Youtube oredi? Don't you guys want profit from tickets?

I see the drugs have ruined your reading comprehension. It was good knowing you user.

heeesh do all coomer losers act with this holier than thou knowitall attitude?

How old are you?

This, people that screaming muh happening are brainlet



And were you expecting not to get trolled when you bit the bait, user I don't think you're cut out for this site

Blackmail him

that's your troll attempt? lmao
sounds more like you were actually trying to be preachy but then turned around and went "i-it's all bait bro!"

Delicious tears

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lmao is this what you guys call trolling nowadays? just say some weak ass shit and then claim victory?


Yes, and ?

Nah, the more you reply the more it shows that I got a rise out of you

I don't care, I'm bagging all these (you)s from (you)

Now that's the way you play, attaboy

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>hehehe I'm so based! I'm le based man trolling this faggot lmao
>*gets played*
>y-yeah! that's how you play! h-ha...

aww, don't give up on me now

I can just taste the sheer seethe radiating from this post lmao

Same goes for this post, we're seething buddies

nah, not really.

come on fathin, help your mother.


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Stuck in kitchen and have to earn good boi points helping cooking. Just wanna laze around.

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Too late fathin

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>dat pic
So, we have a grill on this general?

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yes. A cute bruneian girl named Fathin.

Weed are gay