Damn, the british government looks like that?

Damn, the british government looks like that?

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I want to take a dump in her toilet, if you know what I mean

raab isnt israeli tho

Boris isn't black so he can't be Turkish

he's a kike

Holy shit what a milf


>and their Brexit is going to end the UK once and for all
holy based 200IQ revenge plot

Poles out
Pakis in

Yup. Nigel Farage is unironically French. De Gaulle tried for years to veto British entry into the European Community, it finally took a Frog to infiltrate them from the inside and convince them to leave willingly

>Not New Mecca

he's also a man and a son of an immigrant, what's your point ? my point is that hes not israeli making the OP post false.

that's the flag of all kikes

> Brazil
> Not New Africa

Boris is as much an American Jew or a Russian as he is a Turk.

it's the flag of israel

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You'll always be an unwanted rootless clique. Deal with it.


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Farage has like one French ancestor from the 1700s while having recent German ancestry


Raab is an Anglican.
Judaism is passed down the maternal line

t*Rkishness is passed from father to son, he's a paternal t*Rk but not a maternal jew

>Johnson supported the Turkish invasion of northern Syria aimed at ousting the Syrian Kurds from the enclave of Afrin.
>Publicly emphasising his Turkish ancestry,[188] he went contrary to Conservative policy by endorsing an earned amnesty for illegal immigrants.
>Johnson supported Vote Leave's statement that the government was committed to Turkish accession to the EU at the earliest possible opportunity

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No one is born Turk, you have to learn the skills

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being a cockroach is obviously genetic

That's a meme. Anyone who's born to Jewish parents is ethnically Jewish.


Barely even a religion.

That's a meme. Anyone's who's born to English parents is ethnically English


Barely even a religion
If one Jewish parent is good enough to make him Jewish then one Anglican English parent is good enough to make him English

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Why are you surprised ?

Holy shit bros we won

no it isn't.
if a person with a jewish mother converts to Christianity they are banned from Israel.

Jews are the people that murdered God so they cannot be Christians and Jew.

Finally we get revenge fren. We shall designate their whole country soon

well aykshually somehow being jewish is a dominant gene and no I don't really understand what it means and I think it means the gene gets lost but heh kid looks like my superior Jow Forums biogenetics knowledge has destroyed your feelings

Dominic isn’t a Jew he’s just octoroon because his mom is Brazilian but not jewish

Boris is an amerimutt