Pakistan is better than India they said

>Pakistan is better than India they said

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Pakistan has toilets

not as many as south india it seems


south India should secede from the ary*n north

it's only the middle which suffers from low hdi.

Hindi belt is the reason we arent able to develop. Just genocide them desu

What's wrong with western Nepal though?

UP is what's wrong with it

Aryans ruin everything

we now know the reason why finland is so glorious

HDI is a meme, Rajeesh

Who are you quoting?

I refuse to believe Sri Lanka has any sort of high living standard compared to rest of the subcontinent

Nobody cares about Pajeet0.1 screeching on pajeet0.2, both of you are pathetic waste of flesh in general


What problem would a Georgian have with Indians? Medical students?

>Pakistan is better than India they said
Who said this?


nah, don't pin this on us

Caucasia has shitload of Indians

>Telanganese having the same hdi as bangladeshis
Lmao at their life